Is it OK to take birth control for medical reasons?


In the begining of august I posted about taking Clomid to regulate my progesterone because I have a severe lack of it. I went for my follow up appointment on tuesday and the DR told me the finidings were : that I have polysistic ovarian snydrome. It runs in the family I guess I have 2 cousins and 2 sisters with it. I had misunderstood what the DR had told me, He wants me to start progesterone pills now and clomid later…progsterone is also a birth control. It is not as effective as the pill because it is the mini pill but it is in fact a birth control. I am wrestling with this right now. I know it is against our religion to use any form of birth control aside from NFP. But the DR said Catholics wouldn’t have a problem with it if it is medical. is this true?? I feel like your concious is supposed to tell you what your supposed to do and I just dont know right now. I keep praying about it but I don’t feel good or bad when I pray the feeling is kind of indifferent. Does anyone know if the Vatican allows b. control for medical reasons? The plan of action is for me to take progesterone for 1 to 2 years then Clomid to help me ovulate then try to get pregnant ( this will be in 1-2 years ) I know now that clomid is not an issue but is the birth control? Thanks for any advice you guys are always so helpful



As the above posters thread shows, you are fine using hormone therapy for medical reasons. Also you are doing this treatment so that you can have a baby later, you aren’t trying to prevent life, but are working towards a medical solution that allows you to create life. My cousin has the same situation, she took the low level pills for about a year and a half, got her ovaries working right, and then got pregnant without having to go on the clomid. I pray you have the same luck.


There are many women with PCOS who do not use the pill - please, contact a pro-life doctor about your alternatives!


You may want to talk to your doctor about what exactly he wants you to do. I myself was prescribed progesterone by a NFP only doctor because my progesterone was so low, and I had some of the same questions as you. One thing I asked was how was it different than the pill. Well, first of all, are you taking progesterone or progestin? One is a synthetic ‘replica’ hormone and the other is the real thing. Also, how would he be asking you to take it? For me, I was to take it after I ovulated until I started my period. For those of us that have low progesterone, taking it like that is not a form of birth control, but rather a way to fix an existing ‘problem’ and actually making us more fertile. When you’re fixing a problem with the hormone itself, its not the same as what birth control does - taking a fixed cycle and making it broken.

Again, find out exactly what the doctor is asking you to do and ask for alternatives (if necessary) that actually treat the problem and not just the symptoms. I also would encourage you to go to for a list of NFP only doctors.


Just like some of the other posts have said, taking BC for medical reasons is not considered sinful.
However, nearly all medical indications to use BC (besides pregnancy prevention) can be helped with other meds. I would encourage you to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about an alternative medication that is not BC.
God Bless.


Why would you want to take something that is not contraceptive when you can take something that is? If you don’t take something that is contraceptive you will have to worry about getting pregnant and since you can’t use NFP with PCOS the only other birth control option would be complete abstinence. I would just say listen to your doctor and let them give you the best treatment with the fewest side effects. ABC is allowed for medical problems so you don’t have to worry about breaking any of da rules.


I would talk to your doctor about all your options and concerns. If they tell you that hormone therapy is your best option for quickly getting your symptoms under control and being able to move on to becoming pregnant then do it. Just because a doctor doesn’t exclusively promote NFP, doesn’t mean that they won’t respect your concerns or religon, and they are trying to help you get better and be healthy.




You ought to check into bio-identical hormones. They are much safer and more affective.


I, too, have PCOS. I did my research and found out that you DON’T have to take the pill. I was put on Metformin (aka Glucaphage). I had to fight for this. The doctors did not want to give it to me, but since I have PCOS with insulin resistance, and I did my homework, they agreed to give it a try. And, low and behold, I had 28 day cycles for the first time in my life! :thumbsup: So, PLEASE do your research. Do not just take the doctor at his first recommendation. BCPs do not solve the problem. They just mask the symptoms. I had them trying to recommend what you are saying. They tried to tell me that it wouldn’t birth control, but when pushed, they couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t either prevent pregnancy or have me slough off the uterine lining with a fertilized egg there. ( They were trying to tell me to take them to cause the lining to slough off.)

And, to let you know, I have been using Metformin for 7 years now. I found out after a miscarriage that they believe was caused because my hormones were too low due to the PCOS. So, when I got pregnant, I had to stay on the Metformin for the 1st trimester until the placenta could take over hormone production. My little girl will be 4yo this month. :slight_smile:

I believe that there is a medical center that is Catholic that deals with these issues called the John Paul II institute. Check them out for more info.


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