Is it ok to want better things?

I have recently had a question that i cannot find the answer to. I do not know if wanting a bigger home that is nicer is a sin. I already live in a really nice home but it would make life so much better and easier. I don’t want to do something sinful considering I already am blessed enough to live in the home I do.
Please Help

There is nothing wrong with wanting something that will make life easier. That’s why we have cars and computers and such. What crosses the line into sinfulness is when we chase after those things to the detriment of more important things. What are we sacrificing to get them? Material things shouldn’t come at the expense of our relationships with our families, friends or God. Nor should we become so wrapped up in getting things that we neglect to grow in love and charity.

As long as our priorities are in the right place, we can joyfully accept things that we are able to obtain/achieve.

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