Is it ok to wear a Jesus piece?


I have a Jesus piece, solid gold with 15 carats of diamonds, similar to what Kanye or B.I.G. wore. Is it ok to wear this? I know there are people who say wearing a rosary is sacrilegious, or should only be used for prayer, yet others still wear it for fashion.


I imagine any person ought to examine their intentions for wearing a cross, crucifix, rosary, or (in this case) “Jesus piece.”

Nothing wrong with it, per se, and it may even have the beneficial effect of making you examine your conscience from time to time and reflect on the higher mysteries of the universe, but I’ve always found Kanye’s or B.I.G.'s “witness” to be a poor reflection of Christian values. (I’m not saying Kanye or B.I.G. weren’t Christian and weren’t good people at heart, for only God knows their hearts, but much of their activity is indeed scandalous.)

Simply put, Jesus is more than fashion, for trends change but the truth is eternal.


I feel its your choice you love christ and show it thats great.But i personally dont wear flashy cross’s seem too materialistic i try to keep it simple.But like i said if it’s your way to promote christ,and have him near you always thats great just dont do it cause its the popular thing to do.

may god bless you


I myself hate hearing the holy name of Jesus used as an adjective, except in the expression “Jesus prayer”.

But I will ask: What on earth is a “Jesus piece?”


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