Is it OK to wish to be rich to help more people?


Is it sinful to be ambitious, to fight (fairly without hurting anyone) for wealth in order to give more donations to christian institutes and poor people?


I’m not sure what you mean by “fighting.”

If you mean fighting as being passionate about a cause, in a good way, then sure I wouldn’t see a problem with wanting to be rich for the sake of helping the less fortunate.

If you mean fighting as hurting others (I’m assuming verbally?) to get rich, then I would not condone it, even if it was to help the less fortunate.


Well, I believe Jesus made it clear how he feels about rich people…Something about a camel going thru the eyelet of a needle easier than a rich person entering Heaven.

I think more US christians need to listen to this and think about it.

You dont have to have money to help alot of people.Plus, rich people usually only give money because they can use it as a write off. Back when I gave $1000s of dollars in food to a local food bank, I refused to take the tax write off form, I told them that was not the reason I was donating.


I can’t see why not. Danny Thomas the great entertainer and comedian asked God and promised to give back to Him if he ever get famous. Today the St. Jude’s hospital for children was Danny Thomas gift as he became famous as an excellent entertainer and comedian.


The parable about the widow giving all she had which was not much vs. the rich and Jesus’s response comes to mind.

Having said that, I think gaining wealth is ok, provided two conditions are met.

  1. The desire for money is not elevated to the point of idolatry.
  2. The process used to gain money does not come at the expense of others, or our soul.



Catholics must be apathetic, non competitive duds who slack of and wait for handouts.


There is nothing wrong with seeking wealth, but having it brings new responsibilities.


Wealth is not bad in itself. It is only if it is your God, then you have lost your true perspective which is always sighted to God.Wealth is hard to obtain and many obtain it by bad illicit actions in business that unfairly hurt others. Such a source of wealth is immoral and wrong.
However, if by the use of your skills, inventiveness or creativity you make money legitimately then you are doing no wrong in becoming wealthy.
The only curse to wealth is the responsibility to use it to help others. I would love to be wealthy, but the question then is how big a house is moral when there are homeless. How big a car when pensioners can’t afford to catch a bus. Am I allowed a lap pool when children rummage through garbage. Can I have the trip to Paris when people just down the road cannot afford their bandages for their leg ulcers.
This same question haunts me as a middle class person. But I would love to have more money to give to the lepers. and I would have a lot of fun, because under all my cynicism I do care for all who suffer.
I just don’t think I could justify an increased standard of living even if I made billions fairly.
But I could have some really nice flowers to put at the feet of my Jesus rather than the ashes of repentant sins which is all I have to offer now.


Just remember, Jesus wasn’t upset with wealthy people, he was upset with the manner in which they approached their wealth, because he who becomes attached to the material goods that he posesses and is willing to sacrifice everything in order to keep them, will discover in the end, all they had accumulated on earth, has no value at all in the kingdom of heaven.

God Bless

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Heres something to think about…

If a person wants God to make him or her rich so that he or she can help charities, church etc…and they truly only want the money for that reason only…then why not pray and ask God to give that money to the charities,church instead…there is no need for the man or woman to have the money really…


And often times fabio rocha, God puts the wealthy to shame by making the poor rich. :smiley:


Though I offer my suffering, do you think it okay for me to ask for better health that I might more aptly help others?
Money isn’t the root of all evil, the LOVE of money is.

God bless.


there is nothing wrong with being rich, as long as you still know that God and others (you also) are more important than wealth.

like someone said, people is there to be loved, and things for being used, the problem is when we love things and use people.


Why does the bible say it is harder for a rich person to enter heaven than a camel to go thru the eye of a needle then? There was not asterisk in there that states this ONLY applies to rich people that treat their money as a ‘god’…It only says rich people in general.

In another instance a rich person asks Jesus what he should do with his money, Jesus tells him to give it to the poor and follow him, strange I have never heard this mentioned in any mass Ive ever been to though! LOL

There are alot of wealthy people at our church, they like to come to mass in their brand new mercedes and BMWs, women wear their expensive shoes and handbags, even the kids are wearing $100. shoes! I sometimes wonder why these people are there, as its clear what they worship.I think the CC in general shys away from this type of talk, because it would make too many people uncomfortable, in other words, they find ways to justify being rich.


there is nothing wrong with having lots of money, this has been told multiple times. what Jesus meant there was about spirituality, being humble of spirit. nothing against having lots of money.

the second one is just my idea, but it might be to become one of the 12, or maybe He knew that man was very attached to his stuff, so he told him that to show him his mistake. but there is no Catholic teaching that condems wealth. do your research but only on good Catholic places, so you avoid extremists.


I believe the question to ask would be, why are they rich? I believe none become rich unless they have an unhealthy relation with money and earthly possessions.

Dr Phil in one of his books about what you want with your life, broke it down like this, he said some people say something like “I want a high paying job and a big house and nice sports car” than he said, “How will you feel when you have those things” and they reply something like “Successful, respected, important, cared about.” etc etc, here we see that it’s not simply about the wealth, it’s mainly about the feelings associated with wealth that people are misguidedly chasing.

I have, and when I first read it I felt a bit like you do, however it was the homily the preist gave where he confirmed it and said that Jesus was upset with the manner in which they approached their wealth, not simply their wealth and it makes sense, as I believe you don’t become rich unless you have developed an unhealthy relation with money and earthly possessions. I believe rich people are to be pitied, not envied.

I also notice here that Jesus didn’t condemn Zacchaeus for his wealth, he simply showed him that his desires were misguided, as all that he has stored up is worth absolutely 0 in the kingdom of heaven, thus why serve and place so much value on money when you are sure to lose it?

I believe you are viewing it wrong.

I believe Jesus didn’t condemn the misguided like that, as I said, the rich are to be pittied and their are so many treasures in store for the rich who renounce their wealth, if only they knew! and remember Mark 12:41-44, Jesus was mostly pleased with the woman who gave only two small coins.

I believe if you speak like you are above mikekle, it will be the old story of the sun and the wind, the wind blew and blew but the man simply buttoned up his coat tighter and tighter, the sun simply shone and he took his coat off all by himself, with pleasure.

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I would like to end with some quotes on giving that I have really enjoyed.

Matthew 10:8
You received without paying, now give without being paid.

Jim Elliot -
*He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep in order to gain what he cannot lose. *

Psalm 118:22
22 The stone that the builders tossed aside has now become the most important stone.

Matthew 25:40
40 The king will answer, “Whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me.

Luke 16:9
9 My disciples, I tell you to use wicked wealth to make friends for yourselves. Then when it is gone, you will be welcomed into an eternal home.

Mark 12:41-44
41 Jesus was sitting in the temple near the offering box and watching people put in their gifts. He noticed that many rich people were giving a lot of money. 42 Finally, a poor widow came up and put in two coins that were worth only a few pennies. 43 Jesus told his disciples to gather around him. Then he said: I tell you that this poor widow has put in more than all the others. 44 Everyone else gave what they didn’t need. But she is very poor and gave everything she had

From the book ‘Imitation of Christ’ by Thomas A Kempis -
“The wise lover regards not so much the gift of Him who loves as the love of Him who gives. He regards the affection of the Giver rather than the value of the gift”

And -

*He who thinks religion is to be practiced seeking only an eternal reward, is mistaken with regard to God.

Surly that man thinks of God as a banker who only looks at the numbers, unaware of the fact that the only valid law for God is love.

He who truly loves will always consider himself in debt, and the last thing in his mind will be that his love be rewarded. This is why Jesus taught us to give alms, trying that our left hand not know what our right hand does because receiving alms is almost always a humiliation, only alleviated by the love with which it is given. That is to say, that the only kind of alms that does not hurt, comes from the one whom fully identifies with the person in need, and shares with him from the much or the little that he has. In this way there is no room for vanity in the one who gives, or humiliation in the one who receives.*

Matthew 6:19-21
19 Don’t store up treasures on earth! Moths and rust can destroy them, and thieves can break in and steal them. 20 Instead, store up your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy them, and thieves cannot break in and steal them. 21 Your heart will always be where your treasure is.

And -

When it comes to the question of whether we should leave our profession, our work and social status in order to attain the Kingdom of God, We should instead learn how to use them, because he who becomes attached to the material goods that he possesses and is willing to sacrifice everything in order to keep them, will discover in the end that all that he had accumulated on earth has no value at all in the Kingdom of Heaven.

God Bless

I hope I have helped

Thank you for reading


I think that is wrong, you can be rich and still have your head on your shoulders. hH was more pleased with the woman because she gave everything she had, He would have been equally pleased if the rich guys gave the same amount in relation of their wealth.

just think about it, if you are rich you can make a charity program that gives jobs and shelter to those who dont have until they can stand on their own. of course you can do it without being rich, but youll need more people.

I think your way of thinking can lead to being mediocre, you have to do your best without losing your principles and see how far you can get. you might be rich, you might not, but at least you did your best always.


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