Is it OK to witness this wedding?

I’ve been invited to a “sort of” Jewish wedding. My friend is a Jew but the man she is marrying is a non-practicing Baptist. Her rabbi won’t marry them because the groom is not a Jew. So they are getting this “authorized” woman Jew to preside at the marriage in a hotel. As a Catholic, I feel uneasy about witnessing this wedding. Both bride and groom are on marriage #2 after their spouses’ deaths so that doesn’t bother me. Any advice?

It appears that both the bride and groom are free to marry. Death of their first spouses ended those marriages freeing each of them to marry again. There is certainly a disparity of cult issue (he is Christian, she is Jewish) of which a Catholic would be required to obtain a dispensation (cf., Code of Canon Law, 1086), but neither of them are Catholic so no such dispensation is required for validity. Therefore, since there is no apparent reason for which the Church would not recognize the validity of their marriage, I see no reason why you should feel uneasy about witnessing their wedding.

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