Is it OK?

Is it OK to skip the rosary for certain days, I suffer from mental illness making concentration very hard and some days I do not feel up to it, I made a pigs ear of it yesterday because of that but If I skip it then I feel guilty and bad, is it OK to skip the Rosary for a day and go to daily prayer or id there a shorter version for days when i don’t feel up to it?

There is no rule that says you must pray the rosary (or any other prayer) on a daily basis, so you are really not doing anything wrong by missing a day every now and then. No need to feel guilty.

I enjoy praying, it is just now and then I feel exhausted and the rosary is a great deal of concentration and if my mind is not in the right place then I end up doing it wrong…

Thank by the way ^^

I forget which saint it was (possibly Therese de Lisieux or Louis de Montfort) who said one Hail Mary said with great concentration and fervor was of much more value than rosaries said inattentively. And St. Teresa of Avila would spent hours in contemplation and ecstasy over the words “Our Father.” So, if you can;t concentrate on the rosary, say a decade. if you can;t do that, say a prayer or read scripture. Do what you can do, and do it with love.

Don’t worry about doing it “wrong.” You can certainly skip it entirely on those days. Or, you could do one decade, if you felt up to that much and it would make you feel better. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with it.

I was told years ago by my spiritual director (and I believe he was quoting someone else), “Pray as you can, not as you can’t.”

But it is still OK to not say it! If you enjoy praying then enjoy it when you can and when you cant, understand that youre doing nothing wrong by skipping it. you are not going to be punished just because you dont say it.

Praying the Rosary is completely voluntary. IOW, it is entirely a voluntary giving of your time and heart and there is no compunction at all.

do what you can and be at peace about it. God (and Mary) understand

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