Is it okay for a Catholic to keep the Jewish Law?


On Monday (09/21), I will be flying up to Washington, DC to visit the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land (they are the religious order charged with…well…custody of the major Catholic churches in the Holy Land such as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and many others) for a week. I am strongly considering pursuing a vocation to the Priesthood with them.

Anyway, the Vocations person I spoke to there told me of someone who has just joined their Order (I guess he is a Candidate) who fully intends to wear his tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) and kippot (Jewish skullcap…they look awfully similar to zucchetos and, according to Wikipedia, they are based off of an old kippah design). I do not know what, if any, other Jewish laws/customs the man keeps (I will get to meet and talk to him while I am at the monastery).

I am of Jewish background and, early on as a Christian (when I was a Protestant and I had a certain attraction to Messianic Judaism and Seventh Day Adventism), I kept kosher for a time and such. Anyway, is it okay for a Catholic to adhere to Jewish laws and customs?


The Ebonites - a heretical Jewish-Christian sect - would say it’s necessary to keep the Jewish law, but, as for if a Catholic can keep the Jewish Law, that is a different issue. You can learn more via the links below.

Why we aren’t Jewish:
On Jewish holidays:


I didn’t ask if Catholics have to keep the Jewish Law? Obviously, I know the answer to that question: a resounding ‘no’. I am asking if a Catholic, by choice, can attempt to keep elements of the Jewish Law and customs?


Careful there. :slight_smile:

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This link should help:
Should Catholics celebrate Passover:

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