Is it okay for a Latter-day Saint to refer to Mary as the Virgin Mary?


I’ve been attending a rosary prayer group and it somehow rubbed off on me. Is it okay that I, as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, refer to her as that?


Do Mormons believe in the Virgin birth? If so, it’s appropriate whether you Revere her or not.


I would say yes, but I’m Catholic. Holy Mother, Virgin Mary, Mary Immaculate, Queen of Heaven, etc. God bless.


Ok for whom? It´s the truth, so it´s always good to refer to her as that…


Of course. She is our spiritual mother, first among saints.


Its certainly ok with us Catholics that you refer to the Virgin Mary.

You’d have to ask your Mormon bishop if its ok in their book.


From a Catholic perspective, practically the only things a Mormon wouldn’t be allowed to do by the Catholic Church is to recieve Catholic sacraments. If you want to engage in Catholic orayers, spirituality, ECT., that’s fine. I assume you’re being respectful.


We do believe in the Virgin birth.


Okay. From my not really knowing perspective I’d say it’s fine. Mother of God and Queen of Heaven would be greater issues, I’m sure.


Is it appropriate to ask how you heard about such a thing and decided to go?


Of course. My mother and father are in-law and many of my husband’s family are Catholic, and I’m fascinated by the faith of his side of the family. I come from a more than less Baptist\Protestant family, and was raised Protestant.


I’ll have to ask my bishop. He has told me that it’s definitely OK to read books on Catholicism, like any other religion.


Sure. My husband suggested it and he grew up Catholic. We live in apartment where a kind group of people have welcomed us to pray the Rosary with them every Monday morning.


Yes, you have my permission


Catholics don’t have a problem with it.


of course, if its in your heart, do so. you recognise her as your spiritual mother?


Raised non-Catholic, I still refer to her as Mary. Is this in any way disrespectful?


No. Mary is her name.

Just don’t call her late to dinner.


I think so, yeah.


what do latter day saints believe of Mary?

they must believe in saints with the name latter day saints

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