Is it okay for Catholics to own firearms so they can protect themselves and their loved ones?


It absolutely does NOT go against the Catholic faith.

We have a natural-law right to self-defense against unjust aggressors. (As a side issue, I’ve always been interested to know what would constitute a JUST aggressor, but not to digress.) Anyway, the United States, and I submit this is God’s Providence, has the closest thing to absolute freedom to keep and bear arms that exists on the face of this earth.

In past generations, it’s my observation that firearms ownership wasn’t even questioned. For those who chose to own them, it was just a fact of everyday life. Rural children commonly used .22 rifles.

I understand what is going on nowadays with the incidents of mass violence. It is a horrible thing. But the guns did not change so much as the people changed. People have forgotten God. That is what is causing the violence. Not the guns.


Crimes committed with guns have nothing to do with you or guns

If you ask me these days people especially Catholics should have a gun
It’s a dangerous world especially for Catholics

For me personally it’s just a real fun hobby that makes me feel child like joy (real like how they look and figuring out how each thing works and such)

I’m live in NY wear I bear the heavy burden of gun control and abortion laws

But it is in no way a sin to merely possess any weapon (maybe if it’s against your state laws but most of those laws are invalid)


No, but you would need to check your local laws.


I do agree with all of that. I do know that violence and shootings happen in school because they are away from God. I know that sin is a main problem here and not the guns. Like I said guns do not kill people, people kill people.


I think everyone has hit the nail on the head, I’d just like to add that Chris Stefanick has a parody of Hey There Delilah in which he threatens to shoot a guy should he mis-step with Chris’ daughter, possibly partially joking but still a good demonstration of the point.


If owning a gun for self protection was against the Faith, Jesus would not have allowed Peter and the other apostles to carry a sword.

God Bless


Yes exactly. In the Genesis of Old Testament, Cain killed Abel with a rock but God did not ban rocks and stones because of that. The same thing applies to owning guns.


here’s that parody from Chris Stefanick… He sang it at the SEEK conference. Classic!


Good observation. When my son (now 23) was in third grade, he brought home a worksheet one the Constitution. One of the questions was, “Which amendment gives us the right to bear arms?” While I was glad the worksheet acknowledged the second amendment at all, I explained to my son that the Constitution was not intended to “give” any rights at all, but to protect rights that we already have.


Just like crimes committed with fists have nothing to do with fists or should require us ban fists.


That’s why I don’t like it when people talk about “constitutional rights”. There is no such thing. Rights don’t come from man. My rights come from God.


Jesus said to gun of your hand if it causes ya to sin sooo (joking :joy:)

But yeah a non sinful or no criminal act/object
Doesn’t become sinful or criminal just because others used in it in that way

It’s kinda funny and cute when Catholics have that idea
Guns are violent and I’m not violent I’m a Catholic
Guns don’t imply violence and guns are in of themselves violence
Self defense is a different story and totally allowed for Catholics too (but I personally think showing as much mercy as you can in those situations is very holy)


Of course it is okay for a Catholic to own firearms. The gun is a tool and also used in sport. Obviously it also comes in handy for self defense. ‘Gun control’ is just another made up political issue of the left that liberals in the Church use as part of the seamless garment ideology to ‘form their conscience’ in order to justify voting for pro abortion politicians.


I don’t see how that line of reasoning helps in a Catholic context. The same could be said of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, yet all three are condemned in CCC 2314.

With that said, I’m unaware of any condemnation against owning guns. There is an implicit condemnation against arms races in CCC 2315, and one could argue that the reasons given could apply to the hoarding of guns, but that’s not clear. At the very least, the language isn’t particularly friendly towards the concept of owning guns with the hope of deterring violence.

However, CCC 2263 - 2264 does give us the right to defend ourselves if the intent is preservation of life, not the taking of it. As such, in a country like the U.S., where gun ownership is allowed, a gun could reasonably serve that purpose. In a country where gun ownership is forbidden, we should refrain. The Church does not declare owning a gun - or any weapon - as moral, but it does give us a “duty of obedience” to government (CCC 1899 - 1900) except for in cases where they go against moral law (CCC 1903), which again doesn’t include allowing gun - or weapon - ownership.

Rocks and stones were created by God, but we found ways to weaponize them. Guns are closer to that weaponization, not a natural resource like rocks or stones.


you forgot the rest of the quote:

“guns do not kill people, people kill people. With guns”


Guns are tools that can be used for evil just like forceps and scalpels are tools that can be used for evil in abortions. But we don’t call for the control of forceps and scalpels because we know they are not the reason abortion is so prevalent in society.


But guns are made for one reason only. To shoot and kill. Or threaten to shoot and kill.

Scalpels are use for a plethora of things.

Silly argument.


I’ll give my personal opinion here because I do not have doctrine to back it up. :wink:

Short answer is yes. Catholics can own firearms for whatever reason they see fit. Defence, collection, hunting, etc. The key here is still “do no harm”.

Having said that (and seeing as I have no need or want to collect them), unless I live in an area similar to the wild, wild, west, where my family is in constant danger, I do not see the need to put myself in a position to harm somebody worst than I would have if I hadn’t owned one.

Thank the Lord, I live in a country where guns are not the norm, and the general population do not own one. The law is generally followed, and although there are some dodos who go out shooting or bombing people every now and then, it is fairly safe.

I did grow up in a fairly dangerous situation though, where mom had to sleep with a .38 under her pillow (no kidding), although again, thank the Lord nothing happened, but I do know of someone who “accidentally” shot someone because of road rage, just because he had a gun in his car for his “protection”. (The guy he shot died, yes, tragic.)

So, unless the situation is dire, I would rather not have firearms…just because it opens up the possibility of me harming someone “accidentally”.


Canada has much stricter gun laws and our homicide rate is much lower than the US’s… I’m not going to go so far as to clam a direct causation there (I realize there are many factors that influence crime rates), but I would challenge your claim that America’s unique fascination with guns is due to divine providence. I think most Catholics in most of the world would challenge that claim.


I don’t think the Constitution should be dismissed so cavalierly. Where does God garantee the right against self-incrimination (the 5th Amendnent). Seems to me Confession is nothing if not all about self-incrimination. Yes, fundamental human rights come from God, but there’s something to be said for legal protections.

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