Is it okay that I don't kiss the cross? but venerate it in my heart?


Relating to Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday.

It's just the germs etc.


that's fine
but I really wouldn't worry about the germs... kiss your hand and then touch the cross, then use some hand sanitizer afterward


you can kneel and touch the cross. There isn’t a right or wrong in veneration. Likewise, you can always just stay back in your seat.


Of course it is.


I feel awkward kissing it because I don't naturally express veneration that way. But I do it anyway and offerup my discomfort for my sins.

But there is no need to do that if you don't want to.

[quote=Roman Missal: Good Friday, #18]For the Adoration of the Cross, first the priest celebrant alone approaches, with the chasuble and his shoes removed, if appropriate. Then the clergy, the lay ministers, and the faithful approach, moving as if in procession, and showing reverence to the Cross by a simple genuflection or by some other sign appropriate to the usage of the region, for example, by kissing the Cross.

So don't worry! It's perfectly fine just to genuflect.



It depends :) If it's a health concern, it's fine. If there's some other reason, then we may have an issue ;)


I believe you are speaking for many people here. One year, I was sitting in a side-pew at church during this. A lot of people leaned forward and "kissed" the cross, but their lips never actually touched it. Many people probably feel like you, Seaborgium, but just don't acknowledge it.


[quote="Seaborgium, post:1, topic:320393"]
Relating to Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday.

It's just the germs etc.


Several at my parish on Friday, leaned their foreheads against the Cross for a few seconds. I found it just as reverent and beautiful as actually kissing it.


I am trying to get my head around this also. I have always gone up and always kissed the foot of the cross, without really knowing why such a public act was necessary.

I've recently started a new blog (see my 'signature') and I mentioned something very similar in my post about the Good Friday service; it doesn't give any answers but it does ask about the necessity.

I'll follow this thread with interest.


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