Is it okay to ask the Blessed Mother to pray for someone who is not catholic?

Dear friends,

If there is someone you know who is not catholic (but still christian) who is going through a very rough time is it ok to ask the Blessed Mother to pray for them? I mean even though they may be protestant (I’m not sure if they are but I know they’re not catholic). Thanks in advance.

God bless.

I pray for Mother Marys intercession for my Family every night and theyre not Catholic so I hope so. Btw, why shouldnt it be allowed? If someone dosent believe that Mary are their mother does that really matter? I mean she is Our mother regardless of we acknowledge it our not so why wouldnt she pray for her children? At least I believe that she was my mother before I realized it.
I think its even more important to pray for her intercession for People who dosent pray to her themselves. At least that way they are mentioned for her.

God Bless!

Jesus redeemed everyone when he suffered on the altar of the cross. He excluded noone.
He did this out of love and not because he had to. He offered this to everyone and anyone.

By all means, do what Jesus did, and love them thru your prayers for them. We bring them blessings from Jesus when we pray for them. And the church herself in the Mass, prays for everyone.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

Definitely! She has asked us to pray for sinners. One of the prayers the Angel taught the children at Fatima was for unbelievers.

OF COURSE it’s right. No only is it right to do, it’s your duty. It’s good that you want to ask Our Lady to help your friend. Mary is a mother and intercessor for all - not just Catholics.

When thinking of it I cant understand how anyone who believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior can avoid loving his mother. She is such a enourmes Resource to have.
I honestly feel sorry for all those who not embrace her. Our Beautiful mother.
we should most deffinitly pray for them to get know her.

God Bless!

It is absolutely right. Our Blessed Virgin do pray for all of us, Catholic’s Lutherians, for all. She do not look what Church we belong to, She love us all as God does and help also those who don’t even know what or who God is.

It is not about faith, it is about what we do. To be a Christian make the road to Heaven more easy to walk, but Heaven is open for all of us who do what is right and pure.

As others have said: Of course!

Prayer is something we all need. It’s not something reserved only for those who are Catholic.

Mary is the “New Eve”. She is the mother of us all, not just the Catholics.

Yes, and let them know you have brought them before Our Lady, they made not be Catholic, yet…:slight_smile:

Jesus Christ came to save all of Mankind, therefore it follows that all prayers said to God will be heard.

I’m always pray to Jesus that please show people the love of Our Mother, My girlfriend one day told me very upset…go keep praying to your Virgin, and i did that I ask Jesus, please lord show them the love of your mother, the perfect creation.

Ask Catholics we have to Understand really well the role of our MAMITA MARIA, she’s not A God, She is not Jesus, our number one, but… she is Bless, she is our Mother and like any Mother she wants the best for us, The more I love Jesus, I love your mother, the More I love Mother I love your Son. People don’t realize that the Blood in the cross was Jesus Blood but also Mary Blood, as i say to someone one day, can yo imagine how perfect And Bless Mary was to Hold The Son Of God for nine months? and not only that give him her blood, her DNA
I want to share with you something i hear

Daughter Mary say God Father
Mother Mary say God Son
Wife Mary say The Holy Spirit, That is why your name I’m always going to say like the Angel in Nazareth, Ave Maria, what a Bless Name.

Sorry for my english :thumbsup:

So, so true:)
I also like to tell them afterwards and I have yet to experience any negative reactions to it.
Even the toughest Pentacostals like that we pray for them to Mary.
They don’t dear themselves, but are very happy when a catholic pray for them to her.

God Bless!

A very good post and just as you know, your English is not that bad at all:)

God Bless!

Thank you, and lets keep praying that our separated Brothers find the Love Of our Mother in their Heart.


I first found Her a few months ago and if Its one thing I can tell you, it’s that I’m never going to let go of her ever again. She is so, so important to me now.
So God Bless you for your intention. I am going to dedicate my evening rosary to your intention:)

God Bless!

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