Is it okay to break a promise in order to save someone's life?


Cannot discuss without more details.


I think it would pretty heavily depend on what that promise was haha

Promises are not absolute morally. There may be situations in which fulfilling a specific promise would be the worse choice.

Please elaborate on your opening posts, especially when you’re seeking to have a discussion.

Promises are not binding. The person may be angry, but you are under no moral obligation to keep a promise, even one sworn to God.

(Vow sworn to God being differentiated here)

Since nothing matters if one is not alive, anything goes to save life.

I know that some will bring up instances of vows before God in Scripture, e.g. Jephthah, to kill someone. But in Christianity, such vows should never be made and would probably be invalid if made.

It would still be useful to know what kind of promises are being discussed. And if somebody’s actual life is in play, then by all means, go to someone with authority rather than a bunch of names on a BBS.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA

Review the Parable of the Good Samaritan - the Levite & the Priest passed so as not to become unclean as they were obligated to perform in the temple. Jesus clearly indicates that they should have stopped & helped, even if it meant them not being able to fulfil the implied promise of their position.

Charity outweights all, even attending Sunday / Holy day mass, for how can we receive the Eucharistic Lord if we ignore Him in the suffering of those in need?

Don’t make promises in the first place.

I would like to correct Chevalier and purplesunshine. A person is required to fulfill a vow.

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