Is it okay to bury blessed items with the dead?


Is it okay to include blessed items to be buried with the dead? I sent some holy items for a sick person, but he already passed away before they arrived some days later. I told the family that the items are already theirs. I also thought that perhaps the items could be buried along, though I don’t know if it’s okay to do that.


I think it is totally fine. When my father passed away, I put a Bible inside of the coffin. When my mother passed away, I wrapped a Rosary on her hand and she was buried with it. I would still want to wear my miraculous medal when I go to see the Lord.


Yes it is alright & appropriate. Almost all of the Catholics I have known who passed were buried with their Miraculous Medals & Crucificxes around their necks. In addition to the Roasary that is wrapped around their hands.


Thank you for the responses! In that case I will suggest to his sister to place the medals, scapular, and other holy items in the coffin.


May he rest in peace.

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to place blessed items. We do this all the time. The casket itself is blessed at the entrance of the church. There’s no actual words (the priest says “I bless the body…”) but the casket gets the Holy Water and it becomes a sacramental because it’s the vessel that holds the body.

A few blessed items? Perfectly appropriate.

The only thing we should not do is "overdo it’ so that it becomes like the “grave goods” of the pagans. (I’m sure that’s not what you mean by the question.)


Sounds like a fine line.


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