Is it okay to confess sins through paper?

I have to make a big confession, but I don’t have too many times to meet with my priest.
I made an examination of conscience several pages long, with the sin in kind and number (not sure if I omitted circumstances, but this is a confession covering years).

Is it okay to hand the priest my list instead of telling him, in ordinary circumstances?

It is not overly problematic if someone writes down there sins in order to remember to properly confess them as long as the paper is destroyed afterwards.

However, the essence of the sacrament of confession is confessing our sins in words and receiving the words of absolution through which our sins are forgiven by Jesus Christ, the Word of God.

While exceptions can be made for those who cannot speak or have severe problems speaking, the normal form of the sacrament should be followed in all other situations. After all, in life asking forgiveness from another person in written form is always considered inferior to verbally asking forgiveness in person…

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