Is it okay to eat out on Sunday?

We wouldn’t normally eat out on Sunday, but it’s my son’s birthday and he wants to eat Japanese. Is it okay to eat out on Sunday or should we make it Saturday?

It is okay to eat out on Sunday.

Yes, have fun!

Just stay away from fast food-- mcdonalds , taco bell. They don’t use real meat!!

Yes it is fine to eat out on the Lords Day (Sunday). Most certainly. And even when one does not have a “special occasion”.

however…*.the Japanese * in question may not wish to be eaten --so you may wish to knock them on the head before you put them in the oven


And I would have to note that such WOULD be a mortal sin …

When I first read this question I thought “sure, why not?!” , but there is a question in my mind about ths now- What´s about the people who have to work in the restaurant at a sunday?? I mean, of course there are people who just have to work on sundays (doctors…policemen…those really important life ceeping jobs, an so one…) but is it really ok to let people work for others pleasure at a sunday?
I don´t have a clear opinion on this for myself…


I have asked myself this too, Alice.
Anyway I asked a priest about a couple of years ago whether it was ok if I went for coffee on Sunday and he said yes… I think he knows I am scrupulous so I wonder if he was more lenient with me but I think in such a yes-or-no question there would have been no need for this.

Actually the CCC specifically mentions restaurants in its lists of acceptable work on Sunday. I’m away from my Catechism right now, but when I can Ill come back and give the paragraph if you want.

I would be curious… I can’t seem to find it.


Eating out is a traditional activity that yes will then require some to work for the sake of the “rest” of others – they too will need to have rest of course/

CCC: Quote (note the example): “Traditional activities (sport, restaurants, etc.), and social necessities (public services, etc.), require some people to work on Sundays, but everyone should still take care to set aside sufficient time for leisure.”

CCC 2187

For those interested in the citation…

Yes. Just don’t forget chocolate cake for desert. Forgetting chocolate cake for desert is where the sin lies.

Some people have families to feed, homes to pay for, and the ability to do that may mean that they have to work on Sunday. By going to the place they work, you are keeping them employed, and allowing them to make a living.

Yes - it is ok to eat out on a Sunday. Tip well and thank the person for their service.


Here we go, was finally able to get back! The quote is from paragraph 2187 which says

Traditional activities (sport, restaurant, etc.) and social necessities (public services, etc.) require some people to work on Sundays, but everyone should still take care to set aside sufficient time for leisure. With temperance and charity the faithful will see to it that they avoid the excesses and violence sometimes associated with popular leisure activities.

I think the key word there is temperance. It’s not a sin to eat out on Sunday, that’s a legitimate form of recreation, but we shouldn’t be overdoing it I think and should still treat the Lord’s day differently than others. That paragraph goes on to say basically it’s not a sin to work on Sunday, so long as it doesn’t interfere with worship and leisure. :thumbsup:

Sorry I took so long to find the quote.

I see Bookcat already beat me to it actually haha :smiley:

Oh, this would be very nice if you post it when ou find it, thanks alot :wink: It would be very interestinh to know the reason for that, I mean, working in a restaurant is not that realxing :slight_smile: I am working as a shop assistant at the moment and I really hate those “sale open sundays” , Its a damage for the whole family life when you cant have just one day a week for the sacred things in life…

Devil’s food cake?

I love eating out with friends, even on a Sunday. It is leisure, rest, and reasonable good fun. Now I just gotta make some friends around here…

In this economy, people need those Sunday hours just to make rent, And eating out helps keep those restaurants open on Sundays, giving the workers the hours that they need.


good point…

all the proceeds from a local restaurant go to kids in need. I can only buy a little, but every bit helps, so I like to at least buy their coffee…

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