Is it okay to go to a christian church and a catholic church?

I was born and raised catholic and I still practice my catholic faith but I have recently been going to a christian church not because I want to change my religion but because I want to expand my faith. My family and I have had several arguments about this topic, they see it as be betraying everything that my family has taught me.

The Catholic Church IS the original Christian Church.


What could a non-Catholic church provide that Christ’s own church cannot? I don’t understand how it could expand your faith when what they profess is against the Faith.


I understand that but why can’t I listen to what they are preaching. Everything I have heard so far has coincided with the catholic faith. the only difference is that they dont really talk about Mary.

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In going to another church, you are going to hear sermons mixed with things that not true, that go against Catholic teaching and the truth given by the Lord Himself. It would be kind of like trying to drive a car down two different roads, you end up on one or the other and you may end up on one that doesn’t take you where you should be going.


I am an ex-protestant, Catholic revert. I was protestant for many years and I can truly tell you, that there are many differences, alot more than just regarding our Blessed Mother.


I’m a married lady.

Do you think it would be okay for me to go on a date every week with a man who is not my spouse? I mean, we talk about many of the same things I talk about with my husband, right?

We, the Church, are part of the Bride of Christ. We don’t “date around”.


that doesn’t make any sense. They are not leading to two different path because they are not complete opposites

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Even if the other man is a friend of my spouse?

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well yeah how they do their services and how they dont do the holy sacraments. I understand that. And again I am not going to change my religion I love being catholic I just dont understand how we are so closed off to hearing what others have to say. Just to listen and not shut them down

The differences change the path. There are differences in scripture interpretation, what a church is, baptism, communion, prayers, the Holy Spirit, Mary, the saints,…I could go on and on.

Leaving the Catholic church puts your soul in jeopardy. That too, is a different path.


but it is the same God

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but AGAIN I am not leaving the catholic church!

Their interpretation of who God is and what He wants and does, will lead you astray. Just because they know there is a God and He is the same one revealed to us in the Catholic church doesn’t mean they believe the truths about Him.


So if I cannot listen to other preachers preach I cannot listen to christian songs? only catholic?

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So God is not love, or forever forgiving, or almighty and all knowing?

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You’re already a member of THE Christian Church of all Christian churches.
The Christian Church established by Christ himself.

C’mon Catholics.


yes, Jesus told peter that he should establish his church upon this rock. then giving him the name peter

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Hmm. You know what. I said that exact thing to my mother, when I did the very same thing you are doing. I didn’t realize the differences at that time either. I thought the same things you are saying. Everyone is Christian. We all worship the same God, prayers are all the same, we all believe and on and on. It was about 6 months and I was no longer attending the Catholic church and began a very confused wandering around of the many many different denominations out there and it took me 12 years to find my way home. The more I was out there the more I heard against the Catholic church. The more I heard against the Catholic church and then heard all the different theology in the different protestant churches, the more confused and lost I got. I liken it to being lost in a forest.


Ask your preist.

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