Is it okay to go with intrauterine surgery?

Like almost any surgery there’s the risk that something bad can happen to the person being operated on,including them dying during that same operation.Hence why I’m don’t know how to feel about the scant amount of places where such procedures can be done intrauterine (or any other kind of fetal) surgery ‘_’. I mean,it’s a good thing b/c were going with the assumption that the medical team will be doing there best to see the resolving on-hand problems and minimize harm?.

*Aside: part of me fantasizes that that if I were/had the chutzpah to be leading a team to do such a thing I’d be borderline paramilitaristicly strict (Douglas MacArthur “I shall return” look on my fce with sunglasses) with smoothly this would have to go.I got the idea for this question after seeing a photo of a fetus/baby who got surgery like this done for spina bifida I think. *

Yes. In most cases not having intrauterine surgery more than likely means death. It is better than taking no action in these cases. I see no problem with it, and I can’t imagine that any of the surgeons doing this are not complete “control freaks” (meant in a nice way), and fairly smart.

Many questions concerning BioEthics such as this can be answered at:
National Catholic Bioethics Center - Home Page

There is a link there where you can ask about this situation and trust that you will receive an answer that is in-line with the Church.

This site has been mentioned many times on Catholic Answers radio show and the president of NCBC has appeared on EWTN (( NCBC President, Dr. John Haas, is headed to Washington, D.C. and will be appearing for an interview on the new EWTN segment: News Nightly with Colleen Carol Campbell. ))

It’s not a type of surgery anyone takes lightly, so if it is done it is safe to assume the potential benefits far outweigh the potential risks. Babies that require intrauterine surgery usually have it due to a major birth defect that will kill or grievously impair the child. No one is getting intrauterine cosmetic surgery or anything. If surgery is needed it is no doubt a last resort.

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