Is it okay to have teddy bears in bed with you when you sleep?

First of all if this sounds really stupid, I’m quite scrupulous.
So is it okay to have one or a few teddy bears in your bed when you’re asleep? Like is it okay to hug them or whatever? What about if you’re a teenager? I suppose I ask this because of “not lying down with an animal” and DON’T WORRY, I’M NOT COMPARING TEDDY BEARS TO THAT but I’m just wondering. Like there’s no way the two can be compared can it? Yes, I know the meaning of the bible quote. I’m just very scrupulous.
so in general, is it okay to have a teddy bear or a few in your bed when you’re asleep? Not immoral or no sins?

God Bless

If you know the meaning you should know the answer. As long as you’re not using the stuffed animals to sexually pleasure yourself there is nothing wrong with having them.

why would you think its a sin?

It may make you feel better to know that a teddy bear is not an animal. It is more like an animal-shaped pillow, made of cloth and stuffing. Do not worry. Be at peace.

It’s another pillow, only shaped like an animal, and it has a face. Bring on the Teddy bears.

I may have seen one before. I’m interested in why anyone would think these could be sinful.

Vanessabyme, are you working with a priest on your scrupulosity? That can be very helpful.

I must admit, I had a little chuckle when I first saw this…no, it is not sinful to sleep with a teddy bear. I actually have 2 teddy bears, a walrus, 3 dogs, 2 horses, and a bunch of other stuffed toys on my bed (mostly due to my little sister that sleeps in my room) :smiley: :p.

There is nothing wrong with having a teddy bear in your bed, or hugging it in your sleep. :slight_smile:


A walrus??!?! :eek:

Is outrage!! :mad:

Don’t worry. I have teddy bears too, and I’m a teenager. :smiley:

Leviticus 18:23 Thou shalt not copulate with any beast: neither shalt thou be defiled with it. A woman shall not lie down to a beast, nor copulate with it: because it is a heinous crime.

Do not worry. It is a sin to have sex with animals. It is perfectly fine to sleep next to an animal, real or stuffed. :slight_smile:

Hey, I am 21 years old and i have still my little pink chipmunk in my bed, and I am not crazy ^^ Really, you should think of the reason of your troubles , don´t feel offended, but it is nor normal to worry about things like that. Have you anyone to talk about that issues?

sorry, my last post shouldn´t quote, my response was for vanessabyrne :slight_smile:

alice24, next time you may edit your post. In Catholic Answers Forums, I think it is possible to edit within 20 minutes of posting.

thanks, I will try it next time:)

I’m 35 married with two kids but I still cuddle Teddy from time to time. He is a good listener

I am 70 years old and I have six, yes, 6 stuffed toys on my bed - 2 Teddy Bears, two cats, a lamb and a turtle with big eyes!

I used to have more, but they took up too much room!!

Teddy bears, particularly, are very comforting. Most people probably had at least one when they were children and drew great comfort from them. When you are older they can still provide the same comfort.

The OP really needs to have a good confessor to help with scrupulosity. This is a terrible illness. Seeing sin in perfectly innocent situations is a terrible affliction.

Scripture warns against the making of “graven images,” but fortunately, not fuzzy ones!

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