Is it okay to listen to this?

Before my conversion, I used to listen to nice soft music like Enya etc. I am going through a time right now in my life where I could really use that soothing “spa” type music. I have my religious music…catholic songs, chant etc. Right now, I am wanted something like this. My only problem is that it seems to fall under that “new age” title which is something I want nothing to do with. So, just because Enya is called new age, I don’t know if it is necessarily that. However, and don’t laugh, but I wonder if all that music might have subliminal stuff in it that could be dangerous. Am I a total dork or what. Any ideas or suggestions??? But, I would really like that spa type soothing music…

“New Age” as a poorly-defined musical genre (generally synonymous with “world music”) is different from New Age spirituality, though practitioners of the second may like the first. And subliminal messages in music are mostly a myth. Listen to as much Enya as you like, :smiley:

Dear Monica,
thank you very much for asking this question because it is nice to see that you are seeking what is of the Holy Spirit and what is not. Now, there are certain musical genres that are not of the Lord, but of Satan. For example, Satanic music, of course, Death Metal, and songs that encourage suicidal thoughts, immoral sexual intimacy, drugs, denying God, drunkedness, etc. If you haven’t realized already, this takes away a lot of today’s modern music, like some rap, some rock, etc.

   Now, Enya's music, for the most part, **is not of the Holy Spirit**, because her music is centered around New Age thought. The New Age movement/thought is **completely Satanic**. If you study intensely about their beliefs, and the founders of the movement, you will find that Satan is their leader, **literally**. Thus, the New Age movement and their practices are completely opposite to Christian Theology/Teaching. 

   The Bible, and the saints, clearly talk about **an ongoing battle that we go through in our lives as Christians**, not one of flesh and blood, but **a battle against spiritual darkness**, a battle against demonic forces(Philipians 6). Therefore, we must stay strong and reject was is against Christ and **embrace that which is of Christ.** 

     God Bless, 

Than again, I’m not so sure about the influence the New Age Movement has on Enya and her songs, but if it were up to me, I wouldn’t listen to it, just to be on the safe side.

      God Bless, 

As I said above, “New Age” is just a poor catch-all label for what’s also called “world music”. These days it has very little to do with New Age spirituality. And Enya is very commercial New Age music. It’s pretty and such, not “spiritual”.

(Don’t like New Age music and think that the New Age movement is silly; I just want to be fair.)

As a musician that grew up when so-called New age music was rising, I never associated it with occultic New Age.

Enya denies she is even a New Age artist as well. From the Wiki: “Although her Grammys were for “Best New Age Album”, Enya does not personally classify her music as belonging to the New Age genre.”

I couldn’t find anything on her beliefs, but I don’t see anything wrong with listening to Enya in and of itself.

I’m a big fan of Enya…I see nothing wrong with her music.

“New Age” is just the term Enya falls into. There is nothing occult about it. People really need to distinguish between these things.

It’s called “New Age” because it conjures up laconic, soothing, trance like melodies and rhythms. You could probably say the same thing about Gregorian Chant, except Enya uses a synthesizer keyboard instead of human voice.

Exactly what this has to do with the New Age, I have no idea. I suggest looking at Wikipedia for the answer.

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with it. The Occult is certainly something to stay away from, but I don’t see how Enya is occult.

   Even though I disagree with you on this, I do get what you're trying to say, and maybe she isn't part of the New Age movement, but then again, we don't know.

Yaaaayyy!!! Thank you for all your anwers. I plan on finding some of her music, but I will try to do some research and find out her point of view just to be safe. I think you were right about the new age vs. world music. I love the world music. Do you guys have any other music similiar to Enya that you would suggest??

Loreena McKennitt

Enya’s sister, Maire Brennan (aka Moya Brennan) has similar music that has been promoted by the Contemporary Christian community. She was a part of Clannad too.

Celtic Woman has been sold in Ignatius’ Press catalogs (even though there is nothing explicitly Catholic about their music, and even though Ignatius Press consistently ignores explicitly Catholic artists in place of Elvis Presley… but that’s another topic altogether).

Iona (not to be confused with GIA’s “Iona Community”), and its lead singer, Joanna Hogg, have fantastic recordings with a soothing Celtic feel.

Seek out “Deep Still” (and its sequels)–a joint effort including Hillsongs’ Darlene Zschech and Ceili Rain’s Bob Halligan Jr, for contemporary praise songs with a Celtic feel (some more soothing than others).

Jeff Johnson is also well worth seeking after, including his “Psalmus”.

A few years back, the CCM community promoted “Streams”, which Moya Brennan is on, and is an exceptional album with tons of great artists, including a fantastic song with 4Him and Jon Anderson from YES.

Also, Michelle Tumes’ albums, particularly her first album.

Lastly, check out Michael W Smith’s “Freedom”–it’s an instrumental record, very classically-based, recorded partially with Ireland’s Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s very, very good.

And did I forget to mention John Michael Talbot? With fifty albums to his credit, he has a series of instrumental albums “Pathways”, as well as “Empty Canvas” that are quite soothing. His most Celtic-flavored offering is “God of Life”.


P.S. I’m openly wondering if ejreydrum drinks Folgers’ Crystals. I mean, they say it’s not reallly “crystals” in the New Age sense, but you never can tell… :wink:

There is nothing wrong whatsoever with Enyas music. She actually sings some Christian songs.
Music itself, whether it’s hard rock, pop, classical, ect, is not sinful. It’s what some singers sing about that is sinful. You really have to listen to the words sometimes. there have been some singers that I thought were singing about something really bad, then when I really listened close to the words I realized they weren’t singing about it in a positive light.
I listen to music that might be called new age (Enya, Moya Brennan, Clannad, Secret Garden) and it doesn’t affect my faith.

I just found that CD this weekend after it having been missing for years (I bought it in '98 and hadn’t been able to find it since '01). It’s wonderful. Her earlier work is more European influenced than this (more Russian and Middle Eastern style), but I think you’ll like it.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I have loved this song for yeeeaars and never new who sang it. I loooooove this song. I am so glad to know who sings it. I can’t believe this, all these years and I would hum he melody to people and they would just look at me.
I am really looking forward to the other suggestions listed, as well…:dancing:
We are mourning the loss of my Uncle, who was one of the sweetest men I have ever known, and this type of music seems to soothe, ya know.
It is also a little ironic that it seems to be of the celtic origin…my uncle was the most Irish man you’d know (from his proud Irish attire, esp. on St. P’s day to his Irish Spring soap) May he be at rest with you Our Lord God, the Blessed Mother, and all the Angels and Saints…

Not a fan of Enya, but I listen to some stuff that’s pretty close:
Qntal – German band, very ethereal but veering towards rock and techno a little
Kitaro – probably the closest Enya-type-of-music I’ve got, but instrumental
Cocteau Twins – actually, pretty much anything labeled ‘dreampop’ might be worth a shot
Popol Vuh – did lots of soundtracks to Werner Herzog movies, which should tell you a lot right there if you’ve seen any :stuck_out_tongue:
Death in June – darker, male vocals, a little more avant-garde
Mazzy Star – shoegazy

You might like lots of bands on or associated with the now-defunct World Serpent label. They can be pretty varied in terms of type of music, but they all have that slight oddness in common. Some of those groups include Coil, Current 93, Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, and the Legendary Pink Dots. (edit: I should probably add that a few of these groups may trip the Morality-O-Meter, but remember that it is not what goes into a man which defiles him, etcetera)

I think thats more that over-reaction, thats paranoia.

Enya music is peaceful, and even if it is centered around new age principles, as long as the OP feels they aren’t betraying their religion by acting on those principles, listening to it shouldn’t be condemned.
Every one listens to music for different reasons.
for example, i really like the Nickelback son ‘Animals’, but only for the amazing guitar riff, not the lyrics. and just because i like the song, it doesnt mean im going to go have sex by a train track.:cool:
It doesnt quite work that way.


As long as there are no satanic lyrics and it is not preaching things that are contrary to the faith (heretical doctrines) don’t worry about it.

Remember music is like art, it may be interpreted in many ways. Just because the song writer wrote a song to be immoral doesn’t mean it has to be so. If it is intended to be immoral but listening to it instills proper morals in you, then I would say it is fine.

For example if a song was originally written to recount an adulterous experience of the songwriter but that songs reminds you how harmful adultery is every time you hear it, then I wouldn’t see a problem in listening to it. Just make sure you don’t have it blasting out the window. Wouldn’t want people to misinterpret it and cause scandal.

The exception would be satanic lyrics and songs about heretical doctrines.

The basic rules are the same with any other imperfect entertainment. Ask your self the following questions:

  1. Is listening or watching this going to make sinning likely. (Like nudity in movies making is likely to engage sexual fantasies, music/TV shows with improper values making it likely to commit fornification, adultery ect.)

  2. Is this going to make you fantasize about sinning?

I would also be concerned about people around you that may not be as strong as you.

For example, a man watching a male bodybuilding competition might be fine for him, however it may tempt his wife.

Just use common sense.

This may help:

Remember this is just my personal opinion. I had been scrupulous about things like that and I had to do a great deal of thinking to work out the knots.

Enya is a Catholic.

haha…that doesn’t say much, lol

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