Is it okay to not like a particular priest?

It’s not that like I hate him or anything like that.It’s that I had a bad experience with his advice in confession once and the way he does Mass…:blush: he doesn’t seem too enthusiatic when he does Mass.This church being fairly far off from my place makes it seem that I wouldn’t go there to often.

I’m not being anticlerical I would think.It’s just that as person doing his job I’m not to fond of him.Is it alright to think like this or is the perception we are suppose to give them less conditional than most any person?.

Loving people doesn’t mean we have to enjoy being around them, and this can include priests.

There have been a couple who grated my nerves, and it seemed like they hated being priests.

In all, pray for them.


Yes it is okay. Better be, as I had a priest here who did not like me, for reasons unknown. I prayed for him. The current priest I do not like a lot but I pray for him. They are human and we cannot expect them to be perfect.


I began attending a church in another town who I thought gave a touching and thought-provoking homily. It’s not that I didn’t like the Pastor at my parish church, it seemed to be the right teaching for me. When I did go to my assigned parish church, the Pastor said that I should build my own church community and worship there. I know that this Pastor is ordained by God and the important thing is the celebration of the Eucharist. Still I have not made a commitment to stay in one church. Maybe you will need to make an appointment and speak to this Priest again and clear up what is not settled in what he told you. Praying for you to find peace with this. God bless.

I heard a priest say once: “We are called to love everyone. We don’t have to like them.”

Think about how you can love this priest. First and foremost, you can pray for him. When I’m praying for someone who has angered me, or someone I don’t like, I ask God to give me the grace to love ALL His people even if they annoy me. As St. Josemaria Escriva says, “Do not think ‘oh, how he annoys me!’ but ‘oh, how he sanctifies me!’” Whenever someone gets on your nerves you can use it to glorify God by showing them love anyway.

Also, be careful that you do not dwell on this dislike or talk about his flaws in a gossipy way with others. There was a priest in our parish that was not very likable. I noticed that if I tried to look past his flaws and remembered that, flaws and all, he is still bringing the Eucharist to me, I felt more at peace. But if I started talking to my husband or inlaws about the things this priest did to offend me, I felt more and more dislike for him and it was harder to love him. Don’t let his flaws lead you into sin, in short.

We are all have different personalities and we will naturally drawn and like some more than others. As long as we treat others with respect, there are usually no problems; as others have said. This is perfectly normal and part of our humanity.

Having said that, there are times we may not like a priest because what he say hits “too close to home” and it’s easier to dismiss the message if we dismiss the messenger. Those are times we need to take our dis-like to prayer, to clarify what is actually happening in our minds.

I think so, as long as you’re respectful and all. No one likes everyone. Some personalities just don’t get along. There’s a certain priest at my parish that always tries to compare the gospel to his favorite sports teams during his homily. I guess he’s trying to relate to a certain crowd, but I find it annoying and a little demeaning too. (as if baseball fans are too low intellectually to comprehend Church teachings unless you put in into “their terms”)
There used to be an associate pastor around that you would swear was being held there against his will!

At our parish, there was a pastor who didn’t seem to hit it off too well with most of the congregation. About a year after taking over our parish, a call came from the Vatican that he would become the Bishop of a diocese in another state. He happened to be a rather likable person but more of an administrator than a “pastor”

Sure, of course. There’s always going to be people who you don’t get along with as well as others. Personally, I have a hard time relating to high intensity people. I’m a nervous person, so they tend to bring out the anxiety in me. Doesn’t mean that a high intensity Priest is “bad”, just means our personalities clash. Nothing wrong with that at all, as long as you don’t behave meanly/rudely.


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