Is it okay to position my hand like this when making the Sign of the Cross?

I am a Latin Catholic. Here is how I position my hand when making the sign of the cross. I go left shoulder to right shoulder. I think this is how the Russian Orthodox church hold their hand.

What you picture looks like Option A to me. There is lots more about the Sign of the Cross at the link.

The Sign of the Cross is made thus: First choose your style:

Option A. With your right hand, touch the thumb and ring finger together, and hold your index finger and middle finger together to signify the two natures of Christ. This is the most typical Western Catholic practice.

Option B. Hold your thumb and index finger of your right hand together to signify the two natures of Christ

Option C. Hold your thumb, index finger, middle finger of your right hand together (signifying the Trinity) while tucking the ring finger and pinky finger (signifying the two natures of Christ) toward your palm. This is the typically Eastern Catholic practice.

Option D: Hold your right hand open with all 5 fingers – representing the 5 Wounds of Christ – together and very slightly curved, and thumb slightly tucked into palm

touch the forehead as you say (or pray mentally) “In nomine Patris” (“In the name of the Father”)

touch the breastbone or top of the belly as you say “et Filii” (“and of the Son”)

touch the left shoulder, then right shoulder, as you say “et Spiritus Sancti” (“and of the Holy Ghost”). Note that some people end the Sign by crossing the thumb over the index finger to make a cross, and then kissing the thumb as a way of "kissing the Cross.

An optional prayer to pray after signing yourself in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is this one, said to be favored by St. Benedict:

By the Sign of the Cross, deliver me from my enemies, O Lord.

Note that Eastern Catholics (and Orthodox) go from right shoulder to left and end sometimes by touching their right side, above the hip, to symbolize Christ’s being pierced by the sword.

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