Is it okay to pray for death?

I’ve been really praying that God would take my life. Every time I go to confession my hope and prayer is that I’ll die so that I can die in a state of grace and avoid an eternity of wailing and gnashing teeth in Hell.

Im always falling into sin and my mind is so disturbed the probability of me losing my soul is highly likely.

I understand that im not a robot and there is choice involved but I cant count on myself to make good decisions.

My hope is also that God will take me because I think about suicide often and I’d rather he took me than to take it into my own hands.

Matt, since you are going to confession often, have you shared these thoughts with the priest?

If not, please speak to your priest about these thoughts as soon as you can. You priest will be trained on how to best to respond - and to get you help.

I will add you to my prayers so that you can see the precious gift of life that God has given you. He - who has given you that life - and the free will of which you speak - does not expect perfection. If He did, none of us could ever be saved.

Matt, it sounds like you are suffering from a form of scrupulosity here. You are conceiving of God all wrongly and falling into a purely secular mentality. People feel that euthanasia and abortion are legitimate solutions to suffering also but this attitude totally rejects Gods plan and His will for us. He, our loving Father, loves our sorrow and remorse in the face of weakness. Hopelessness and despair are a rejection of that great love and a rejection of Jesus sacrifice for our sins.

We don’t have the right to take matters regarding life, into our own hands against His will. When someone we love is suffering terminally or there is an unwanted baby on the way or we feel that our life is hopeless in some way… we turn to God for His help, asking Him to relieve the suffering. Think of the number of saintly examples of people trapped in sin and addictions that offend the Lord… whose humility and perseverence have delivered them from the prison of their own behaviours into godliness for the rest of us to follow. There’s loads! Deliverance is a great witness to the extent of Gods love and that comes about through our perseverence and humility.

Ask God daily to relieve you from your sufferings and strive to do the right thing with the help of the graces of confession. That’s what He wants from us. Not despair and prayers for death.

God bless, Matt.

Your present state of mind may cause you to believe that death is “the” right option for you. That’s a mistake, a delusion. Ask God to show you the way out of your unhappiness.

If you have an inclination toward self-harm or suicide, please say that to your doctor, or priest, or other of the social services available to you. To do so is to cooperate with God in answering your prayer.

If you really are thinking about suicide often then you should be seeking real help (priest, doctor) and not talking to us.

I will praying for you. Please Recite the 2 most powerful prayers we have the Holy Rosary and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. God Bless!!!

I guess it’s okay to pray for death, probably not sinful.

However, have you tried going to a counselor? Sounds like you have depression. Depression can be treatable with counseling and/or medication.

Depending on the severity of these feelings, there are also other options as well.

Also, keep in mind, if you felt that you couldn’t wait to talk to a counselor, you can always go to the Emergency Room 24/7. They attend not only physical but mental, in a pinch.

How long has this depression been going on?

Oh, and let me say a prayer for you, as well.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blest is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen. :gopray:

Suicide, itself, is sinful though…taking a life be it abortion, euthanasia, or suicide is a sin.

Amen! I think God has other plans for you. If you pray for death, pray with humility, not self-centeredness, and be ready to accept God’s will even if it is not what you envision and wish for. In the book of Tobit, both Sarah and Tobit prayed for death, but God had other plans for them. He sent an angel to straighten things out, and they lived long and well, blessed by the Lord, and glorifying him by their lives.

God made you and gave you life? Are you now saying you don’t want the life God gave you? God loves you and wants you to be happy. Believe me, whenever he does call you home to Heaven, it will be soon enough. Life is too short. There is so much to love about life, you just have to look around you. God is willing to forgive you over and over again. If you find you are confessing the same sin week after week, you need to pray for the temptation to be removed. Pray the Lord’s Prayer until you have conquered the sin. But give to Him the best you can. He’ll bless you for it. I am praying the angels will surround you and give you peace and hope.

I couldn’t agree more. My priest explained it to me this way: God gave each one of us the gift of life. Why would anyone reject a gift from God? :confused:

I cannot always count on myself to make good decisions either, but I’ve come to understand that God wants me to work on that, not to give up and pray for my life to end. Twenty-five years ago, I would have been happy for my life to have ended. Thankfully it didn’t, and when I think back on all the good things that have happened to me in the interim—things I had to be alive to experience—I praise God that I kept on living no matter how tough things got! Sure, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. But the Lord knows me better than I know myself, and because he loves me more than I have the capacity to comprehend I trust him to deliver what I need when I need it…even if I don’t understand for days/months/years exactly what benefit I’m supposed to glean from whatever I’m going through.

Please discuss this with a priest. I pray that you may find a way to endure. God bless!

You can do both, talk to us AND make an appointment with a counselor.


I’ve been through this before buddy so I understand your frustration.

What could be useful to know is that God is completely just and is aware when we want to be with Him in a state of grace so will take that into account before letting you die when you are in the midst of falling. After all does a father criticize and discipline his child when they have fallen? Of course not, he helps them get back up.

Keep in mind that we are here for you and I love you in Christ’s name and you can contact me when you want, including by email or phone.

I spoke with priests on this issue and have had the rite of excorcism prayed over me because there have been demonic manifestations which come with rage and blasphemy. THe deliverance prayers help but the inner darkness always returns.

Whether its mental illness on a biological level or attacks from demons they have been known to go away for periods of time when someone prays over me. Not all the time but surprisingly more often than not it works;… temporarily that is.

I’ve told the priest I would be better off aborted as a fetus but that I doubt I’d take my life for I am completely convinced that I will be in worse pain afterward. Even [size=]IF I made it to purgatory the pain would still be worse of knowing I died in despair and failed to do God’s will.

I pray for death often and Im going to confession today at 3:00 pm. [/size]

my email address is If you leave you phone # ill give you a call

Actually I would have rather not existed than to die. To kill oneself is trying to make pain go away only to have much worse pain on the other side.

I cant make myself not exist but if I had died as a baby that would have been preferable because I could go to limbo a place of bliss and no grief or if I were baptized go to heaven without sinning.

I hope my saying this stuff is appropriate for this site. Give me a heads up if im violating something.

Ok buddy I sent you an email.

Well im currently in a manor for mentally ill people and have been hospitalized multiple times. The first time I was hospitalized for talking about suicide was when I was in the fifth grade (ten years old).

Dont worry, I think about it but I would be shocked if I ever did it. If I knew I could just be a decomposing corpse who doesnt worry or suffer, I would do it.

However, I know that the soul goes on living in much worse pain after suicide.

If you start talking about life after death, the Psychiatrists really think you’re nuts!

Matt hang in there buddy. I would recommend seeing if you can get a Christian counselor. My sister has one and she had severe clinical depression and is much better. We are praying for you and want to let you know you can count on us.

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