Is it okay to pray out loud during eucharistic adoration?

My wife and I recently went to our parish’s perpetual eucharistic adoration chapel to spend some quiet time with our Lord and there were several people there praying the rosary out loud. While I know that it is commendable to pray the rosary, we found it very distracting. Is it considered acceptable to pray out loud during eucharistic adoration?

If one is alone in the adoration chapel, it does not seem to be a problem to pray aloud in a soft, reverent manner. However, unless this was a scheduled parish rosary of which other adorers were made aware before the event, one should not pray aloud in adoration when others are present precisely because it interferes with the prayer of others. While it is probably not wise to risk making a scene in the chapel, if this happens again you might wait until the prayer leader leaves and then catch up with him or her outside and politely express your concern. If that doesn’t work, speak with the adoration coordinator and/or the pastor.

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