Is it okay to read L.Ron Hubbard novels

Now I got to be honest here but one that I’d b interested in reading L.Ron Hubbard’s books is b/c he’s the founder of Scientology:D.I mean I certainly wouldn’t convert to Scientology:rolleyes: but dang!,if you’ve made novels that made a questionably regarded belief system there has to be something particularly compelling about them that would make ppl do such a thing,right?.Yet L.Ron Hubbard’s status as the founder of Scientology makes me wonder if his novels can be intrepreted and treated the same way like any other sci-fi lit like say writing a scholarly essay on Asimov’s “Foundation” trilogy by anyone or if we’ve got to approach these books in particular with lots of caution.

As long as you don’t go forming your own religion based on one of his novels, you should be fine. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually heard that Hubbard wasn’t that great a writer… :shrug:

He’s not… It was his “Non-fiction Self-Help” books on what he called “Dianetics” that originally formed the basis of the Scientology cult. Nothing to do with his science fiction novels at all. One could argue that there wasn’t that much wrong with Dianetics until he noticed a cult-like following and started catering to it by making crazy stuff up.

You’re probably ok. I’ve read many of Orson Scott Card’s stuff, including the Alvin-Maker series and I haven’t converted to Mormonism yet.


Harlan Ellison, another sci-fi writer of the same vintage as Ron Hubbard, has said on many occasions that he was with Hubbard and that both of them were drunk when Hubbard dreamed up Scientology. It was a SCAM then and it’s still a SCAM and what a joke on the fools who believe it’s real…

Oh my gosh I can’t believe you just put Asimov and Hubbard in the same realm…:eek: Asimov was a genius. Hubbard was a hack, and a scammer.

Scientology is so peculiar.

Scientology’s teachings sound like something in a parody of science fiction. I can’t believe anyone at all takes it seriously, much less believes that it’s real. :rolleyes:

A tax-free scam into the bargain.
If sidetrack purchases Hubbard`s novels, the proceeds will go into the Scientology coffers. Yes?

Oh my gosh I can’t believe you just put Asimov and Hubbard in the same realm…:eek: Asimov was a genius. Hubbard was a hack, and a scammer.

In one of his books of short stories, Asimov stated that his publisher, Campbell, witnessed “the monstrous birth of Dianetics.” Isaac can`t have thought much of Hubbard.

A public lynching of sidetrack could be arranged! :smiley:

Ironically, the one piece that seems to bring the most peace to scientologists is the piece that mirrors Catholicism. The process of auditing is essentially the scientologist version of the sacrament of Reconciliation. Imagine how much more at peace scientologists would be if they went to Reconciliation for real!

On that note, I particularly don’t understand why someone who begins with the fullness of truth (for example, Katie Holmes was raised Catholic) would convert to something like that.

You’ve all convinced me no Hubbard books.I just finsihed “The power and the glory” and was thinking about what sci-fi to pick.I think I’ll just go pick a run of the mill sci-fi book published by Tor or *Del Rey *next time I’m in the mood for it.AFAIK they dont publish Hubbard’s stuff.

:rolleyes:Hey I heard that !:rotfl:

I think Katie is being controlled by her husband. He’s a KOOK and she was stupid to marry him. Scientology is a cult and so she is a member of a hardcore cult, and she can’t get out. Tom would keep their daughter if she tried.

L. Ron Hubbard fiction. Heh. Heheheh.

I read Battlefield Earth years ago, & while it was mildly entertaining I never had any desire to pick up any more of Hubbard’s work. I also picked up the library copy of Dianetics way back then, and put it back on the shelf almost instantly. Reading just the first couple of pages was enough to convince me he was either a scam artist or an idiot. There are too many more talented sf writers out there to waste your time on Hubbard!

It is definitely OK if you have insomnia. :slight_smile:

This is actually apparently the reason Nicole Kidman divorced him in the first place…

Love that response.


She was smart to get away from him. Too bad Katie was young and moldable.

She freely chose to convert long before they got married.

In other news, the Travoltas seem like a great family, so I don’t know how representative Tom Cruise is of all Scientologists.

It’s probably okay morally but not aesthetically.

There are a lot better science fiction novels out there you can read.

Some suggestions with which to start:



Anything by Tim Powers

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