Is it okay to read stuff by agnostics or atheists?

I am wondering whether its okay to read stuff by agnostics or atheists.For example Arthur C.Clarke,Issac Asimov are both science fiction authors but I dont think that any of there fiction is about religion besides refering to it at times.Andrew Potok is also an atheist but his book " A Matter of Dignity Changing the Lives of the Disabled" is not about religion either,it just refers to it at times as well.Any opinions?.

What's wrong with different points of view? Isn't that a good thing?

Just because you read something an agnostic or atheist wrote doesn't mean you will become one...:D

Why in the world would it be wrong?!

While alot of great literature has been created by believers, some great stuff has also been written by athiests/agnostics, etc (Percy Shelley, Marlowe come to mind) If you told me not to read them, I'd turn my back and laugh at you.

As long as it isn't blatantly attacking the faith, I don't see a problem. Otherwise, you have to start checking EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON'S. BACKGROUND before you start reading their stuff (or watching their movies, listening to their music, etc.). And that's tedious work that could be better spent doing other things. :)

Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke were among my favorite SF authors.

No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing it, and don't let anyone make you think there is.
Those who believe there is are just being foolish and ignorant. :(

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