Is it okay to say 'Oh my gosh'?

Hi, I’m wondering whether it is undesirable to say ‘oh my gosh’ because it’s obviously just a variation on taking God’s name in vain. Thanks for the help!

I don’t do it. The fact that you are thinking about it is probably a good sign that you should not do it. Perhaps give it some more prayer and thought before deciding that it is a general moral principle, but you could put it into effect as a personal practice immediately.

I see absolutely no problem with it. I say it instead of saying God’s name in vain.

Personally, I dislike the phrase. I don’t say it (anymore) and I’m teaching my kids not to say it either. To me, it sounds too similar to the name of God.

I think it’s much less lame!

I say it. I’ve never seen it as a sin as it’s said to avoid using God’s name in vain. ‘Gosh’ has no meaning to me, so it’s probably better than swearing (which usually puts things that God gave us in a negative light).

Weird, I was wondering the exact same thing today. If you’re looking for something authoritative, I have a sneaking suspicion that nothing exists. I have horrendous language and was once quite accomplished in my ability to be vulgar, sometimes taking it to an art form. At least I broke the habit of saying g-d, or saying “Jesus” improperly since my conversion-reversion. I am now turning toward working on foul language. But “oh my gosh”, “doggone it”, “i’ll be darned”, and the like really are derived from blasphemous phrases. If you are thinking about cutting “oh my gosh” out of your vocabulary, perhaps you should. Sorry, got nothing authoritative for you, just a weak opinion.

We teach our kids to say “Oh my goodness” instead.

“Oh, my gosh” is OK, but saying “By, golly” is unforgivable. As are the reprehensible “Holy smokes” and “Holy cow.”

I was at a Mass where the priest said that we should avoid any phrases like…
“Oh my gosh, goodness or jeez, jeesh”… He gave many other examples too.
He made comments about avoiding even derivatives of taking The Lord’s name in vein.
Here all along I thought I was avoiding taking His name in vein.
Sin or no sin…I’m not sure.
This priest advises they “are not ok”, but I replaced them anyways after thinking about it.
My rational: There are so many words out there in the English language I might as well pick one that doesn’t even come close to “God or Jesus”… our Father and Savior!!
It’s not that hard if you try.
God Bless!

Just try to say what you mean. I don’t see the call for nonsense phrases, regardless of whether they are considered “swear words” or not.

Instead of “Oh my gosh,” what about, “Wow, that’s astonishing,” or “How completely unexpected,” or something like that? :shrug:

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