Is it okay to study on Easter Sunday (in college)?

My son is a freshman in college, and is agonizing over whether or not it is right for him to study (at all) on Easter Sunday. The semester is nearly over and finals are right around the corner, along with papers being due. My son works hard, schedules & manages his time very well, but some subjects don’t come as easy for him as others and frankly require more of his time. He is devoutly Catholic, is setting aside time for all the Triduum liturgies, prayer and adoration. But he called me today feeling conflicted: if he studies at all on Sunday, is he not honoring the Lord appropriately in the feast day? On the other hand, he feels like if he gives up the day entirely that he will be jeopardizing his work/grades. Thanks for your help.


Study is not considered to be manual labor. Your son is allowed to celebrate Easter and do some studying on that day as well.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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