Is it okay to study things about Catholicism on sunday/Lords day?


Like for example is it okay to study and learn more about the seven sacraments? Learn church history? Apologetics?


Why on earth would it not be? Of course it is!


Of course!


Sure and a good thing to do ANY time.


Well maybe it could be considered not resting. shrug


Sunday is not simply supposed to be a day of rest. You rest on vacations, are they considered substitutes for Sunday? No, because Sunday is most of all taking time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.


So is going to mass, yet you’re still supposed to attend it.

Deepening your knowledge of the faith especially on the Lord’s day is not supposed to be a problem.


Absolutely. In fact, it is recommended that we study the faith on Sundays and Holy Days.


I’m more concerned with the basis for the original question, which seems to come from the “After Mass I’m only allowed to sit in a chair and do nothing” school of Sunday observance theology, which seems to manifest itself here regularly.


There is a problem if this is a legitimate question. You know what else is fine on a Sunday after mass? Eating at a restaurant, yard work, watching tv, doing laundry…etc…


Sunday rest, for Catholics, is defined as “Abstention from servile, judicial, or commercial work on Sundays.”

However, “necessary work” is allowed, both for reasons that the work has to be done every day (like milking cows, or being an EMT), and for reasons of needing to make a living. So the Church is pretty generous on that point.

Catholicism is also fairly generous about what forms of play and relaxation are allowed on Sunday. If it’s not evil and immoral, basically you can do what you like. (There have been times and places when the Church has been more restrictive, but that’s usually because people were doing something evil and immoral that was connected to the leisure activities.)

The pious study of religious subjects is always suitable on Sundays.


Sure it is. Some parishes have their RCIA classes after or before Mass on Sunday, where they learn all about the Church. :innocent:


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