Is it okay to use Marijuana?

In the U.S, legalizing weed is a big debate topic. So far, four states + Washington D.C have legalized it. The state I’m in has legalized it for medical use and has also decriminalized it. I admit, I do smoke occasionally. It helps me relax in stressful times, and makes me happy in sad times. It has helped me through some rough periods in my life. But now that I have basically returned to Catholicism I am faced with this issue. I am thinking about bringing it up to my priest. I just want to see what the rest of you guys think. Any thoughts?

My son uses it daily for his irritable bowel disease. It reduces the pain. It;also has reduced his ambition.
I think pot has some good uses, but only in limited cases. If you have terminal cancer or some other condition and other pain meds don’t work, I think marijuana is indicated.
Otherwise I would not recommend it, We should be working to handle life and its stresses without relying on drugs.
I also think it’s a terrible drug for anyone under the age of 24, while the brain is still developing. It can delay maturation.
So if you and I use it, it sends a bad message to young people.

Bottom line, I would not recommend it unless you suffer from acute pain. But my state doesn’t agree with me, I think when half the next generation is living on food stamps in ten years, the government may rethink its opinion.


There’s a thread that started up a little while ago on the topic of whether it is ethical to sell marijuana , and it is still only 5 pages (easy to read all the posts). There are answers from various perspectives on that thread. Maybe having a look will help get you a little closer to the answer you seek.

Is it Ethical to Sell Marijuana

Everything in moderation.

Bingo. I totally agree with this post.

I believe strongly that developing a deeper prayer life takes care of our stresses, as the Lord fights the battle for us. It doesn’t mean we bask in total peace, but that we recognize how much we need Him, and our faith can increase.

In medical cases of great pain that is a different story.

“And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” Genesis 1:29

Cannabis is a gift from our Creator. It is a powerful medicine and I am deeply grateful that our country is slowly beginning to realize this.

If it’s common for monks to ingest caffeine to help them in worship, I do not think marijuana would be a sin as long as it’s not used to get blasted.

There are also plants that are poisonous. Did God want us consuming those, too?

To the OP:
Remember your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and you should use caution with what you indulge in with it. Would JESUS want you smoking pot?

I agree, viki63 made great points.

I think several things could be said about marijuana both positive and negative. But in the end, it is a drug and Pope Francis has even spoken out about avoiding drugs as much as possible.

I would strive to keep an honest dialogue with your confessor about it and pray sincerely about it with your heart before Jesus.

I suffer from an illness that pot might help.

That said, there is nothing - NOTHING - you could offer me to ever get me to use pot. Never have; never will.

I’ve seen too many losers with pickled brains that “just used pot once in a while.” Also, as part of my job - a job that requires a drug test to get - I work with mental health professionals, all of whom have told me that mental hospitals are filled with people, particularly the young, who have various mental health ailments caused by cannabis use.

From a catholic perspective, one of the medujorje visionaries were shown, by the Blessed Mother, images of things that displeased God. One of these was drug use.

When I want to become a brain-fried unambitious loser, who just wants cookies, I’ll use pot. But God has better things in store for me.

I think you should talk to your priest…

But, in my opinion, if any drug is taken for the sole purpose of affecting your mind, that is a cause for concern.

Some people have suggested everything in moderation, but that doesn’t quite make sense in this case. You can drink alcohol in moderation without ever getting drunk, but can you smoke any amount of marijuana without getting high? Isn’t the explicit purpose of marijuana to get high? To change the function of your mind? To affect your ability to make rational choices?

Anyway, that’s my thinking.

From the CCC. 2291 The use of drugs inflicts very grave damage on human health and life. Their use, except on strictly therapeutic grounds, is a grave offense.

Everything in moderation - does that include heroin?

I believe it is a sin. Please ask a holy priest.

Yes, you can smoke without getting high, no higher than a slight alcohol buzz. They make strains that don’t give a high, or you can just smoke a very small pinch of regular for a similar effect. Of course, you can blaze up until you can’t stand, but again, same with alcohol, and probably equally sinful in that case.

I mostly use a small amount of Marijuana to help me sleep, it doesn’t affect me as negatively as benadryl or lunesta. Benadryl makes it hard to wake up and lunesta gave me horrible waking dreams.

OP should consult with a priest and a doctor if he has concerns about marijuana.

Marijuana used as a medicine should be approved by the FDA and sold at pharmacies, not dispensaries. Marijuana also has health effects similar to smoking tobacco. Recreational use makes no sense.

Hope this helps,

I think Marijuana use is fine as long as we do it in moderation. As I said before, I occasionally smoke pot. It has not affected me in any negative way. I wouldn’t recommend smoking every day though. Because smoking it everyday lowers your ambition. I am still going to bring this to my Priest to see what he thinks. Thank you for all of your posts.

Yes. Assuming that moderation did not lead to addiction. Which in the case of heroin would probably preclude anyone not mature enough or responsible enough to treat it with the respect and care it deserves. And also preclude those who couldn’t really afford it.

But I’m not recommending it. Far from it.

Bradski, your post is pure sophistry: you say “everything in moderation includes heroin” then proceed to give all the reasons it does not include heroin.

If it does - and you said it does - you are supporting the vicious drug cartels supplying the stuff to the public. Worse, since heroin is so addictive that test monkeys offered it or food will take heroin until they starve to death, the stuff is so addictive that no one can use it responsibly in the way you envision.

Then, after saying that “everything in moderation includes heroin,” you try to walk it back by saying you don’t recommend it. Sorry, what you allow you de facto recommend.

Further, your post assumes there is no moral absolute that use of some drugs is simply wrong per se. Apparently to you heroin use is not morally wrong per se; it’s just another morally relative activity like just about anything else.

Sophistry, and it got exposed as such. That, or it’s monstrously scarier. But since I’ve seen this board include holocaust deniers, nothing I see posted here surprises me anymore…

I wrote a reasonably long post refuting all your points (it wasn’t difficult to do so), but I have decided not to post it for very obvious reasons. There is no way that I would want to be seen as encouraging anyone to take illegal drugs, especially ones that are known to be highly addictive. My apologies to anyone who thought that might have been the case.

Let me be absolutely clear: There are a lot of drugs available on the black market that are highly addictive and extremely dangerous. If you think that you might be tempted to try any of them, then speak to someone you trust who can advise you of the dangers.

In other words…just don’t do it.

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