Is it okay to watch scary movies?


Not really movies. But i am so addicted to watching the Discovery channel watching shows " A haunting" and Ghost Hunters and i read up on books about the supernatural and I love watching unsolved mysteries “Miracles” also “Strange Legends”

Is it totally wrong to be involved in that stuff. Mostly i am so curious about the after life


I hope so. I love them. Moves thats is. But the shows? meh.i don’t go much on those ghost hunter type shows.


If this sort of thing interests you, you might enjoy Fr. Gabrielle Amorth (The Vatican Exorcist)'s book-- An Exorcist Tells His Story.

It will probably also stop you being interested in this sort of programme again. It may also mean you don’t sleep for a few weeks.



Don’t expect to see sound theology or even historical accuracy about ANYTHING touching the churcn on the History Channel.


I also watch shows like this.

However, don’t take what they say as truth. A lot of these people use spiritual mediums and non-Christian practices in order to communicate with the supposed spirits.

Remember, the Church is more knowledgeable about these things than any medium or occultist! The Church knows how to deal with these things.

Always watch these programmes critically and don’t believe anything that is contrary to Church teaching.


I don’t know about “Ghost Hunters” since I’ve never seen the show, but I know “A Haunting” often promotes dangerous ways to deal with “ghosts” (I recall seeing Wiccan “cleansing” ceremonies). One of the worst offenders, by far, is Paranormal State on A&E which has a seance on every show they refer to as “dead time.” If you watch these shows, just be aware that much of the advice they give and things they do are downright dangerous.

If you want the Catholic take on that sort of thing, I’d visit these sites:

St. Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling

Online Spiritual Warfare Center


One of the worst offenders, by far, is Paranormal State on A&E

I have heard many people say this. What is it about this show that is so bad?

I’ve even heard other “ghost hunters” criticise this show but no-one ever gives examples showing why they disagree with the methods used.

What are your reasons for disaproving of the methods used?


Here are just a few:

“Dead time” - essentially a seance in which they ask the “entity” questions and/or provoke it.

Using psychics and mediums, some of whom “channel” the spirit and invite it to take over their bodies.

Using pagan ceremonies to “cleanse” infested homes/property.


Thanks becky.


I watch some of these shows, but what scares me is that people are learning from them very, very dangerous ways of dealing with possible evil spirits…


I am sometimes tempted to watch scary movies which I used to love to watch a lot, but I haven’t watched it for more than a year now. It doesn’t help me in any way for watching it.


It’s odd you should say this about a haunting. In the ones I have seen they do use a Wiccan spell to try drive out the demon…but it always makes things worse! Then they call in a Catholic priest who inevitably succeeds in cleansing the house.


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