Is it okey to give my parish priest a Christmas gift or is it wird?

Hi, Sorry for posting this thread in the wrong forum, but I honestley didnt found a appropriate forum to Place my thread so I landed on this one. So again if its wrong Im sorry.

Im going to cut to the Chase.
Im thinking of giving my parish priest a little something for Christmas and a Christmas card as he has been very important to me when Ive been coming into the Church.
He has been so, so positiv and open and helped me more than he is probably aware of.
So Ive been thinking of writing him a card that states how much Ive appriciated his help and assistance in such a though and hard spiritual year for me.

This leads to my question, is it okey to give him a gift and a card or is it wird in any possible way?
Im not to familiar With how the Catholic practise is regarding gifts to the priest and so on.

Thanks in advance for any answers I may recieve.

  • Peace in Christ

This is a great idea!! No it’s not weird at all. Our priests are our spiritual fathers, so it makes perfect sense to give them a gift for Christmas. Especially if one has been a great and positive influence in your life, like this priest has.

I’m sure your priest will be very touched that you did this for him. Most people forget priests during the holiday season, it would be nice for him to know he is appreciated. :thumbsup:

Sometimes, after Christmas Mass, our priests leave with arms full. Certainly with hands full.

Of course, they are very much loved by the congregation. :thumbsup:

Not weird at all. It’s important to support our parish priests. It’s also important to pray for them daily. God bless you for your kindness and generosity.

Priests love gifts and notes affirming they have made a difference in someones life!

A priest who was a good friend at one point told me in regard to the abundance of Christmas gifts he received each year, that his favorites were Mass cards and those little cards saying that someone did a holy hour for his intentions.

He received tons of baked goods and chocolates that while he would have liked to eat, his cholesterol level prodded him to give away.

He received several bottles of his favorite scotch, which he did keep. :slight_smile:

Everything else he usually gave away. Gift cards to families in the parish in need. The scarves, gloves, etc to people around the parish as well. But he always appreciated the gesture from people.

I think it’s great to give back to priest! :thumbsup:

Why on earth would you think it’s wrong to give your Priest a Christmas gift? My suggestion is, call you Parish office, find out what his favorite restaurant his and purchase a gift card and stick it in a card. That’s what I did a couple of years ago when I returned to the faith.

I think it’s incredibly thoughtful and I’m sure he’d appreciate it. I sometimes try to find some material in the CA store that my parish priest might find helpful or inspirational. Have a Merry Christmas yourself too!

I try to give something that speaks to his hobby, his favorite authors, or something he would not ordinarily buy for himself.
Also, consider gasoline cards to keep in the glove box…they put zillions of miles on their cars visiting the sick and such.
But most of all, a sincere note about how appreciated he is.
Gift cards to a nice men’s shop for black slacks or good quality shoes is good too!
Our priest loves to go out to a nice restaurant with good company. Get a group together and invite him out. You could all cover his portion.
Just a few ideas…It’s wonderful that you would like to do something nice for him. God bless you both!

Thanks for all answers!
Its good to hear that its perfectly fine to give him a Christmas gift :slight_smile:
Now the tricky part is to find out exactly what Im going to give him, hmm.
Anyways, thanks again for all the positive feedback.

Merry Christmas to all of you and Yours!

God Bless!

When I had cheese and sausage sent to family members every year for Christmas from a Wisconsin source, I always had them sent to my parish priest too.
When our last parish priest in New York retired, I asked the parish secretary what he liked, and then sent him a book about home repairs, because she said he enjoyed such work.
Obviously, I decided myself that this is a good idea. Our parish priest doesn’t have his own family, but we can give him something.

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