Is it only my imagination?

Or have I noticed that every time I do some kind of search for something’Catholic’ through Google, a lot of google ads that are carried on the resultant Catholic sites state “No to Paedophilia”?

Now I know the authors of the sites have no control over what ads show up on them but I am kinda getting getting the impression that google has tied the word paedophilia to the word Catholic??

Or am I being paranoid? Not easy being an Irish Catholic these days :frowning:

I will honestly tell you now, that most jokes at the catholic church are based on the Paedophile priest. It is a terrible tag to have on your faith I guess.

P.S. You are not being paranoid, it really is common these days that people say such horrible things.
Please remember that it is not just directed at Catholics but it is a spiteful dig at the whole of Christianity. It is not anti catholic, but rather anti christian as a whole.

Actually i believe that sites pay google to get their sites up front. (cause honestly… who goes past the first few pages of a google search?) But there are other tricks to getting your site in the first few pages. But anyway… I’m finding google is almost becoming useless. With all these tricks. One ofthe tricks is by putting popular words on their sites.
For example. If you want a free mal ware removal program. you type in “free mal ware removal program”. And what the sites do is put the words free and mal ware removal as close to the beging of their sites and as often as possible. But the free might only be for say free trial or free membership to site etc.

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