Is it particularly bad to be a hopeless romantic?

A certain Facebook friend of mine has admitted to being one.

Why would that be wrong? Hopeless romantics tend to be optimists. It doesn’t imply they are engaging in anything immoral, just that they feel sure that someday the right person will come along and they tend to view prospective mates with rose tinted glasses.

it’s probably better than being a hopeless pessimist.

Nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic per se. However, people with that sort of personality (including myself) need to watch ought for certain tendencies toward vice (as do all personalities, different people have different weaknesses.)

  1. There can be a tendency towards sentimentality, where one’s feelings become a sort of ‘little god’. When this extends to worship, it can either impede true worship or leave one very susceptible to despair in times of dryness.
  2. It can lead towards idolizing someone in a romantic relationship. This is bad, first, because idolatry is bad, and second, because real people don’t always live up to the pedestals we place them on, and treating them like they do can impair relationships.
  3. There’s a tendency to take it really hard when reality doesn’t hold up one’s romantic notions. This can lead to depression and despair.

Now, having that sort of personality can also be really beneficial- it disposes one to want to act nobly and to grow in virtue. As long as idealism is focused on the right ideals, rather than actually distracting from them, it’s a good motivating factor.

¿ Why would it be ?

Especially if it leads to promiscuity.

This is the first time I’ve ever cited this site on here, but the Best Answer is worth a look:

That’s a given, but I can see where fantasy may be a problem as well.

No! It’s not a bad thing!:):mad:

It sucks. I was one and I didn’t see how stupid I was acting with my crush until our relationship ended due to me being “a hopeless romantic”. Should’ve been way more realistic.

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