Is it permissible to pray the Psalms as the Rosary?

Can I pray through the Psalms instead of the Hail Mary, Our Father, during the Rosary?

You can do whatever you like; the Rosary is not a compulsory prayer.

Hey OML:

Pray whatever you like and whatever makes you want to pray. Prayer is a convesation with God. Not only is HE a great listener, I think he enjoys all points of view and IMHO any topic we bring to him in praise, thanksgiving, gratitude, and petition is welcome. Me, every once in a while, I like to tell HIM a joke. (although given HIS age, HE’S probably heard it before):wink:


Well, I would first say one is always free to do that.

However, I would also say that there has to be a point at which a Rosary is no longer a Rosary. The Rosary consists primarily of a set of five mysteries for which you pray a decade of ten Hail Mary’s each, traditionally bookended with an Our Father and a Glory Be.

I would make the assertion that while praying the Psalms is a great and even recommended thing, one should probably not make any pretenses that it’s still the Rosary, even though it’s still good prayer.

Well, that would be a chaplet of Psalms, not a rosary.

The rosary is a chaplet. There are many chaplets. Some prayed on rosary beads. Some prayed on chaplet beads of other configurations.

What makes the rosary the rosary is the prayers. If you pray different prayers, it is a chaplet but not a rosary.

You can make up your own chaplet, or pray whatever prayers you want on rosary beads.

You can use the form of the Rosary for any prayer. It is a devotion, meaning optional for Catholics. Catholics can use it however they want to improve their prayer life. If you are praying for the indulgence though, you probably need to do the normal Rosary. Outside of that, you can pray devotions however you like.

The rosary beads originated as a way of keeping track of reciting the psalms. Go for it.

Just pray the Psalms as the Psalms (or as the Office) and pray the Rosary as the Rosary.

If you want to pray the psalms, why not pray the Office? It is the official prayer of the Church…second only to the Mass. But yes as a private devotion you can do whatever you like.

But again, does the OP want to pray the Rosary, or a chaplet of Psalms? If the former, the pray the Rosary as it is prayed, with Our Fathers and Hail Mary’s.

I don’t quite understand the need to “adapt” to the point making the original prayer unrecognizable and yet still calling it by the original name.

Here is a helpful commentary on the Psalms that can be downloaded as ibook.

And I like the translation.

You may use the Rosary beads to pray whatever you want but with regard to the Psalms or any other scripture or prayers it is no longer the Rosary.

We have now had several threads on people asking about changing the prayers.
The ROSARY is not the Rosary if you change the prayers. End of story.

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