Is it permitted for only the bride and groom to receive Communion?

My fiancée and I are both Catholic; I’m cradle from a Catholic family and a Catholic culture while she was baptized Anglican as an adult then converted the Catholicism. Her entire family is non-Catholic, including some who left the Catholic Church due to scandal. Particular to my concern are her parents who are Pentecostal and value inter-faith communion. They understand that they may not receive the Eucharist at our wedding and this has created a friction, especially since my entire family and all my friends would be allowed, thus creating an appearance of abandonment and exclusion. I was hoping that our priest would help us quell the situation by only offering the Eucharist to me and her (after he and the other clergy partake) but he said “it is Theologically incorrect”. With all sincere and due respect to him and his excellent theological and liturgical training, is he correct? Is it permitted for only administer the Eucharist to the bride and groom if it is judged to be pastorally beneficial?

Dear friend,

Our blessed Lord came down to earth to show us how much He loves us. He accomplished this in preferring nothing to us as He demonstrated by dying on the cross. Now it is for us to prefer nothing to Him. He is fully aware of how difficult this can be at times. He said that a man will be against his father and a daughter against her mother. A man’s foes will be those in his own household (Lk.10:34-39). In other words, the nitty-gritty of daily family living will be affected by whether we prefer Him to everything or not. Your current concern is a case in point.

Do you really think that denying the Eucharist to your family in order to avoid a hassle is preferring Him? You now have a great opportunity to witness to the value of the real Presence of the Eucharist. Ask Him for the help you will need in order to step up to the plate. He will not fail you if you come humbly before Him. You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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