Is it possible for a layperson, such as myself, to obtain relics of a saint?


Is it possible for a layperson, such as myself, to obtain relics of a saint - assuming those relics are still available to be distributed?

I see that some relics are being sold on eBay, but I don’t trust that these relics are authentic, otherwise I would most likely purchase them and not ask this question.


You can’t buy relics.
But yes, you can own them.

In many sanctuaries they distribute little pieces of cloth that was used to wipe the relics.
They are also considered to be relics.
I have a couple of them, from Saint Therese de Lisieux, blessed Mother Theresa etc.


I once met soemone who had a third class relic. Which I believe is something that has touched the actual relic. Am I correct about this?


Yes, you can obtain relics as a layperson.

When I recently made a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi. The priest there gave me for a first class relic with documents. I gave a small donation for the reliquary.

Then too, I have a first class relic with documents of St. Teresa of the Andes. It is a piece of bone. I treasure both of these things. I really think though that they would do more good in a church or a school, being placed in a special place. When I leave for the monastery I will probably give them away to the church/school.


Yes. Go to any shrine. They give them away for free. (It is forbidden to sell them.) You have the option to give a small donation to support the work of the shrine. :slight_smile:


Do you think I could get a St. Therese’s relic from the National Basilica of St. Therese of the Child Jesus in San Antonio?



I should think it would be more than possible, more like highly likely! :thumbsup:


I should call the priests there and ask ahead of time, then drive back to San Antonio really soon!!! :slight_smile: This is the website:

I was able to visit the church briefly on the day her parents were venerated as the Blessed. That was so awesome.



What if the relics of the saint are located far away, such as in Italy? Is it possible to write and ask someone for a relic? Should my priest ask on my behalf?


It is fine to write and ask. Do not ask for a specific class of relic. It is very rare for a first class relic to be given to a lay person; which is why the relics with documents and even the ones without on ebay and at other biddings go for very high donations. Usually a priest can write and ask though and receive one. A first class relic is a body part or an actual part of the body of the saint.

A second class relic is something that has touched the saint. Clothing. Tomb. Cloth. Sacramentals. Bed and furniture used by the saint.Things owned by the saint.

A third class relic is something that has touched a second class relic.

A third class relic can be sold, and it is very easy to get one. You can write and they will very likely send you one. A second class relic you might get… you never know. Sometimes they cut up the saints clothes, which supplies tons and tons of relics.

If it is a first or second class… it will come with a document stating it is a true relic of the saint.


Hi i am searching for a 2nd class relic off st padre pio i am a devout catholic who will only use it for prayer and healing I have a great interest in the saint and would like to have a relic of his if you can help me are know someone who can please let me know kindest regards


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