Is it possible for God not to have something positive?

For example, if nobody loved God (which will never happen) will he not have love or loyalty from others?


What has prompted such a “non-issue” question? Meaning why are you asking something that will never happen? I just wonder…

What if there were no rhetorical questions???

If “God Alone Suffices” what is the need for rhetorical questions? If not - then keep searching…in the end "God Alone Suffices."

You’ve answered your own question…“which will never happen”.

So, write yourself a thread thanking yourself for this clarification. :smiley:

It will never happen because many of His creatures do love God but it is theoretically possible - although extremely unlikely - that no one would love God. Otherwise it would mean everyone is compelled to love Him - which is absurd because love implies free will.

God cannot be negative in any respect because He is perfect. :slight_smile:

Who are these “others” if nobody loved God?

Right, I would think that if nobody loved God, then…nobody would love God. But JMO :shrug:

That’s what I was wondering. :slight_smile:

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