Is it possible God is in fact punishing the world for abortion laws?

So much is happening now with virus’s, earthquake’s, huge fires and Famines…

I used to think not.

But perhaps there is some truth in what some think.


It is entirely possible.

In fact, I was thinking just today, that coronavirus is a “slap on the wrist” as chastisements go — it kills relatively few (I don’t want to see anyone die), but it basically shuts down large parts of society, threatens to have devastating effects upon the economy (Our Lord surely knows how much we love being affluent! — and how does that compare to our love for Him?), and even threatens to take away the public celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for a time, possibly even through Easter.

Still, though, we have no way of “knowing” this, and short of some huge, public apparition along the lines of the “miracle of the sun” at Fatima, we will not know this, at least not in this life.

A good plan might be for us to take any sufferings we undergo in connection with this, and offer them up as penance and greater opportunities for holiness.


Its possible that God is punishing the world for both this and other offences. The most comforting thing I can hold onto right now is that God made a covenant with Noah never again to destroy the whole of humanity. There is plenty we as a species need to atone for and repent of. The murder of the unborn is one of the big things on the list.


Could be, and personally, I kinda think He might be. It’s well recorded in the OT that God has used natural disasters as chastisements before, so there’s no reason it couldn’t be true today.


I think, “Why now?”, especially when, in the US at least, we seem to slowly be turning to the right side.

I don’t think so. These things happen, and if God were “the reason”, I think it would be clear beyond a doubt.


Because sin still has consequences that repentance doesn’t automatically do away with. This is why we have purgatory. As a people, we owe an unpayable debt for the evils we have committed, and that debt will be paid by the innocent as well as the guilty.

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mankind is reaping what it sowed. as for God’s punishment I’m doubtful. don’t think there’ll be room for questions when that happens.


No. God’s biology is working the way God’s biology works.

He doesn’t normally intervene. We aren’t pieces on a chessboard. Since there is a normal explanation for this…


God usually punishes with a medicinal purpose. I don’t see abortionists changing minds and hearts due to this, so I don’t think this is God’s active doing.


Jesus said the rain falls on the just and the unjust. So natural disasters, of which a global viral pandemic is one kind, are indifferent to us. We are in a world of pain and death. Those are natural things. A lesson from the Fall is that we are not exempt from the suffering that pain and death causes us as spiritual creatures. Instead, our suffering is a means of holiness by perfecting our virtues, especially charity.


The reading at the Liturgy of the Hours for today, Sext:

Jeremiah 3:12b, 14a

Return, says the Lord,
I will not remain angry with you;
For I am merciful,
I will not continue my wrath forever.
Return, rebellious children, says the Lord.


No. (there’s nothing else to say, but need at least 10 characters).


People were asking the same question for centuries…was the Black Death, the World Wars, the Great Depression, etc., God punishing man for one thing or another?


Our Lady of Akita?

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I don’t think punish is the right word.
When the prodigal son left his father and his home and went off and blew his inheritance on loose living, and he ended up in a foreign land starving, was that the father punishing him?


China does have over 400 million abortions I believe, so maybe its a coincidence.

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I think that natural disasters occur as the general result of the effects of sin. Namely according to Genesis 3 and Romans 5 we see that death entered the world through sin and even changed the nature of how the world works. However, I think we err when we say that these things have come on account of a specific sin absent the clear word of God coming to us and saying that a given plague is the result of a specific sin.

And that very well could be. We have no way to know.

So God punishes us for abortion laws, but lets us off scott free for the Holocaust, the transatlantic slave trade, …


I tend to think God doesn’t punish so much as attempt to correct. 60 million dead in the US alone.

I think we often feel the effects of our bad decisions. What we think is Gods punishment might be Him withdrawing some of the blessings He has given. I in no way think we are immune from that.

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