Is it possible...(guys be warned)


To hate and love your period at the same time?:shrug: (I’m not looking for medical advice, I just need to rant)

Last night I was praying for my period, because even though I had wicked cramps all day, I stoped bleeding after supper (which is actually normal for me, I don’t get heavy until the second day) and being concerned about fertility and motherhood…well you can imagine. Plus I had body aches through the roof and a horrible headache last night. I was wondering if I was going to die or be sterile (It was 2 in the morning)

I also sweat like crazy for short intervals (i’m sweating right now but i’m still in bed with my quilt) which is embrassing. And I cry for for no reason. This morning, and right now, CRAMPS AND A HEADACHE and the med wore off and I can’t take more for a few more hours.

So I hate my period…but I would never trade it in or take birth control to keep it away. :shrug:


I agree. Hate and love it at the same time. It makes me down to earth, helps me realize that I’m only human not supernatural. At the same time, it hurts so much.
And then again it allows me to offer something to our Lord,
but it makes me so uncomfortable and makes me so moody,
but it helps me place greater trust in God.
Yeah, love it and hate it at the same time. Bittersweet.


Yup, love and hate is a good description… I don’t get bad cramps or anything, for which I am thankful, but I am more of a Beast than my normal Pumpkin during the days before my period. sigh Hormones. They do some great things physiology-wise(aka, sustain pregnancy), but I wish they would stay out of my moods. :rolleyes:


**I vote for hate but resigning myself to God’s plan for me to be a woman! **

**I hate my period! It’s given me nothing but intense pain (physical and mental) for two to three long weeks every month (so intense it keeps in me in bed without prescription pain meds) for fifteen years! I am suffering infertility problems so I undergo all that pain, without the blessing of children. I see no purpose in suffering this horrid pain month in an month out for probably another twenty five or thirty years, but never once getting to have a baby. Having a baby would make these fifteen years of horrible suffering worth it. But, for me its just the pain without any cause for joy or hope in its midst. :shrug: **

**As much as I hate it, even find myself cursing it at times, I would never pop a pill to rid myself of it. It is God’s will that I be a woman and women have periods. Why some women have a period, but never get pregnant is beyond me. And why those women who never get pregnant seem to have the worst periods and pain of all, but never a baby is beyond me. But, that’s God’s will for some reason, so, I resign myself to it for His glory and pleasure. But it doesn’t mean I have to jump for joy at the thought of it each month. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: **


Typically if you have bad periods as a teen (as I did) they do get better after having children. When I was your age I had actually passed out and/or vomited the cramps were so bad. I was taken to the emergency room a couple of times, and I was typically prescribed 600mg Motrin to take.

The good news is labor is typically a breeze too. Heck by the time you do have a baby – you’ll be used to it! OK not literally, it’s a bit different, none-the-less the pain seems all that much more bearable.

Sorry you are feeling yucky. Have you tried heating pads too? Or ice packs? They worked for me. :thumbsup:

Also, a doc may suggest BCP’s for now to help regulate and ease your pain and discoomfort. Especially heavy bleeding. If you are not having sex and taking it only to help out your period situation – then it’s not a “sin” or against the rules. Try to have your mom find you a pro-life GYN. Just so you know though – some women if taking BCP’s for a period of time will tend to have delayed fertility when they DO want to get pregnant. Depending on the amount of time they were on the pill. If it’s years, it could take a year+ to get pregnant.

Good luck little duchess of darkness…


I had a hard time getting pregnant at first too. I got married at 22 but didn’t have a baby for 2+ years. You are charting? Yes? Doing everything you can to aid fertility like taking Robitussin to increase egg white CM? Man that STINKS you are trying to get pregnant and suffering such bad periods. I was right there with ya sister. I am saying a prayer for you, I know how bad it is.

As I told Goth Cath, it does typically get better after a baby, so I am praying for you that you get pregnant soon. (Not to mention the blessing that when you breastfeed you also don’t get a period so you can be period-free for almost TWO YEARS! WOOT WOOT!)


**See I have always thought this too. I figure…I go through near labor every month. Complete with breathing excercises and all. But no baby. So…even if its a little worse…who the heck cares. I’m more prepared than some. Finally all my suffering would be paid off and I would get a beautiful baby instead of yet another trash can full of icky bloody sanitary products. :stuck_out_tongue: **


for really severe cramps and other symtoms that require rx meds to deal with every month, you should really have a complete physical and endocrine work-up. there could be hormonal imbalance which can either be an early symptom of other problems including PCOD or diabetes, but can be relatively easily corrected without going on the pill. if your doctor is unwilling to explore these possibilities and thinks the pill is the solution to all “female problems” get another doctor.



I know about the love/hate thing. I hate it, because it means I’m not pregnant, but I love getting it, since that in itself is so infrequent. I have PCOS and can easily go a year or more without a cycle if I’m not on meds. So for me, it is nice to have it, since I know that at least for now, something is working the way it’s supposed to!


I vote for hate. I never intend to have children, so the whole thing seems quite pointless to me.


Just think about the centuries of women who didn’t have disposable sanitary napkins or aleve.


Sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time with your periods, GothCatholic, mine were horrible in my teens, but they did improve a lot by the time I was in my 20s.
Back when I started mine in the early 70s it was still something that wasn’t talked about much (or maybe that was just my family!). My first time, my Nan went to the chemist and was just about to ask the long haired assistant who had their back to her for some sanitary towels, when they turned round and it was a young man! :eek: She bought me a comb in that shop and went down the road to another chemists!

I don’t have any advice to add, but I’ll say a prayer for you.
God bless,


Sorry…but I don’t get it. Where do you come by the notion that it is “God’s will” that women should suffer through painful, abnormal periods? A normal period can be inconvenient, somewhat uncomfortable, come with some mood swings, etc., but if you are incapacitated with pain, excessive bleeding or psychotic mood/behaviour changes that is abnormal, unhealthy and should be the subject of medical attention and treatment. Physical mortification is not a requirement of our faith and ignoring signs of physical distress or malfunction is not morally edifying, but unreasonable, illogical and somewhat unbalanced.


Let me clarify. I would never pop a birth control pill, or the new-fangled pill to take away my period.

**I certainly use pain killers. I am on perscription strength Advil under a doctors orders for my condition. I only refused the birth control treatment, not treatment in general. I see it as God’s will that I must suffer what those medications do not take away. I suffer this in union with His will that I not go on birth control or other immoral medications. This is where His will comes in. **

**Sorry to confuse things. **


It is certainly commendable to offer up all our sufferings in union with those of Christ, but it is pointless and wrong to undergo unnecessary suffering that may be a sign of an underlying illness or disorder that can be treated.


I remember being in a chemistry class and sitting on the desk watching an experiment and I felt very faint and had severe cramp. I put up my hand to tell my teacher that I was going to faint and I promptly fell off the desk and landed on the floor! What was worse was, when I came round again, the teacher thought I needed an ambulance :eek: and I was too embarrassed to tell him why I was faint. Fortunately, his wife, who taught physics next door came through and I was able to tell her before they made a phonecall and wasted the ambulance crew’s time and money!

I hated my periods but they were fine after having my girls. No pain anymore!:thumbsup: Come to think of it, I hardly have any now - only every couple of months? Sometimes when I am stressed, not for months! Usually they are a very good indicator of my mental wellbeing!


They had this sort of thing in the early 1970s, when I was a teen/ young adult and suffering through many of the symptoms described, drugs to take care of the bad end of things and tests. They do help, particularly a good diuretic during PMS.

And your description, Goth, reminds me of why I am so glad to be in menopause!:extrahappy:


Stupid Eve…:mad:



I find my period, well really my hormones, a sense of amusement. Don’t ask me why but finding the humor in it seems to help and keep me “relatively” sane (I drive in Portland quite frequently so the sanity issue is a bit complicated). Right at the moment, I’m pretty easily amused and probably has to do with lack of sleep

I know when I’m starting since I’m extremely tired. My explanation is is that my hormones went around and turned all the lights on and ran down the batteries. They were particularly sneaking this month and snuck my period up on me this morning. Though I’m still a bit tired and I did take a nap after class. They were hiding in the dark giggling just now. I can hear them even now. And they like to go shopping for chocolate. I’ve headed them off for now but we’ll see about the rest of the week.:rotfl:

Though this :cake: and this :pizza: are kind of making me hungry.


I hated mine from the first one in 1964 to the last one in 1999. Except maybe when I was hoping not to be pregnant. I had terrible, terrible cramps and extremely heavy bleeding every single time. I can remember Christmas shopping on the day after Thanksgiving with my relatives on Day 2, and literally going to the ladies’ room every half hour to keep from having an accident. I thank God for my hysterectomy.

Now, sometimes I actually forget that women have periods. Something will remind me and I’ll go, “Oh, yeah, that’s right, you have to deal with that, don’t you?”

The only thing I miss *just a little *is the moodiness from PMS that often helped me get closer to God.


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