Is it possible reject the vocation God wants of you?

I feel like I’m being forced towards priesthood. I’m 24, and I discerned it a lot when I was around 21, after getting out of a long-term relationship. Almost everyone who knows me would agree that I’d make an excellent priest, as I am very outgoing, often preach passionately and give great advice. However, my discernment never really escalated into anything, and I thought I was perhaps rushing into it as a result of a few things in my life. I have since pursued a life of traditional living instead (working, looking for a girlfriend, etc).

The problem is that I feel God is sabotaging my efforts to live the life I want. Health problems forced me to quit my job, and I have since lost a lot of passion for my career field. Furthermore, every effort I make to date women eventually goes sour (which makes me really depressed and lonely). My health is also making me less sociable and lazy in my search for women.

While this may sound pathetic, I have absolutely no problem talking to women. I know a lot of them (I’m very outgoing). I’ve had instances where I was even approached by women and asked on a date. However, I didn’t find myself attracted (physically or emotionally) to them. Perhaps I’m too picky or am excersizing an unhealthy high standard (like some of my friends joke), but I really don’t think so. The women I do like never seem to be into me.

There was this one girl, just a few years younger than me, came from a very good family that I knew, who I found myself eventually very fond of, because we had known eachother as friends for a long time. She was in every way everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. My friends and family agreed. We both started to have feelings for eachother, and I was over the moon in happiness. I asked her on a date, and she accepted. But after thinking about it and figuring out people were gossiping about the prospect of us dating (perhaps presenting it in a negative light to her), she got freaked out and backed away. This really hurt me. We’re still good friends as we managed to get past the awkwardness, and I feel that she’s still interested in me, so I still have hope, yet some people/things are convincing her otherwise.

Perhaps I’m wrong to blame God for this. I don’t really blame Him, although I do wish he would help me in living the vocation my heart is now set for. I’ve prayed for assistance, that He would lead to a woman right for me, who would make me happy. In a way, He did, yet it failed for reasons out of my control. My failed attempts at coining a meaningful relationship with women continue. I’m doing everything right, yet it seems that there’s always some invisible force stopping me from acheiving what I want. Again I feel God is perhaps setting me up for priesthood, but dare I say, I don’t want it now. I feel I’d be much happier as a married man with children, and being the ‘priest’ of my household instead. I want this so badly. I’m lonely! Yet I’m convinced God does not agree with it.

If you don’t want to be a priest, and it sounds like you really don’t want to be one, then you should not be one. The priesthood takes a great deal of dedication to and compassion for all of God’s children. I’m not saying you lack that at all, you may be quite compassionate, just that it would be difficult for you to express it in the priesthood since you really do not want to be one.

Sometimes God’s desires for our vocation are very difficult to discern. We just have to keep looking.

Good luck and God bless.

Yes it’s possible to reject God’s plan for your life. It’s called free will for a reason. And God has acted in people’s lives periodically (witness Mary and St. Paul). They still had a choice, they could have said no, but we would never have known about that.

This will sound harsh but you’ve got it exactly backwards. Maybe you should stop struggling, and sincerely ask God to show you how to live the life he wants you to live.
God bless you.


What is also a possibility is that God called you to be the eternal single loser guy.
Like me :smiley:
I meant there are a lot of people who had no choice to ever become priest or married.

Seems like you have a hinderence in your way by everybody gossip. sounds like a devil issue to me and a public opinion problem. Last time i checked they dont matter cause it is between you and her and they arent responsible for you and her. Basically tell them to go somewhere and like nike says: just do it.

‘Yet I’m convinced God does not agree with it.’

Bingo - the truth of a situation often manifests itself as a gut-feeling. You have already answered your own question. Now, go and ask God to lead you on the path that he wishes for you - whatever that may be (even if you feel like you’re being short-changed). Remember, Christ came into the world not to make himself happy through some self-prioritised interest. He came to save the world from the slavery of sin, in obedience to the will of The Father. Pray Jesus’ prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, ‘If it is possible, take this cup away from me. Yet, not as I will, but as you will.’ Seek God’s will - it’s the only thing that will bring you true joy.

There is a “gateway” in the Bible though which one must enter to obtain God’s best. It is Rms. 12:1. If you are not willing to give all, then don’t expect much from God.
“Many are called but few are chosen”.

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