Is it possible that God wants me to be a priest, even if I don't want to?

Okay, so I’m a 23 year old single man who has never been in a relationship. While I’ve always thought i’d be like most people and have a family, it seems as if that desire hasn’t come through. While I am young, it does bug me that I am 23 and haven’t had a relationship, and just a few dates total. This always makes me wonder whether God made me really “unique” and that there isn’t a girl out there for me and wants me to be a priest, even though I feel like I want to be married. I guess i’ve always thought this because I’ve felt that "even though I want to be married, it doesn’t matter what I want, it’s what God wants. S


One of the first signs of any vocation is the desire for it. You are only twenty-three and have many years in which to find a wife. The clock is ticking, but you still have a lot of time. Stop worrying. The Lord has numbered the very hairs on you head. He knows what He has planned for you. Trust Him.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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