Is it possible that we experienced a miracle?


Something happened this morning and I was not sure whom to turn to. The response that I got from our Priest did not answer my concern/question.

We have a Holy water font near our door (on the wall). This morning I went to fill it, so we could bless ourselves on the way out. I saw that it was overflowing. So I told my 10-year-old and 2-year-old that they should not be filling it themselves, as they had caused it to overflow and spill on the wall. My 10-year-old said that he had not touched it. And my husband was holding the half-asleep 2-year-old the entire morning. My husband was in the living room watching the news and he said that neither had approached that area this morning.

So we convened for our morning prayer, which we do by the door. And then I put my finger in the Holy water font to bless myself and it was not water! It was oil! We all put our finger it in and smelled it. It was oil and it spelled sweet. We looked around (the ceiling and wall) to see if there was a leak. There was none. The oil sign of a leak came from the bottom of the font as it trickled down the wall.

When I called out priest, he asked if there was leak in the house. I told him that I had checked and would check again. I bet now he thinks I am crazy. I probably should not have called.

I guess there is always the possibility that the two-year-old went to the pantry in the middle of the night and got out cooking oil and opened it and went to pour it in the font. And then closed it and returned it to the panty to the correct place. And all of this happened without us hearing it on the baby monitor. The other possibility is that our 10-year-old did the same thing. And we did not hear him (which as parents know) is unlikely because even small noises in the monitor wake us. I will talk to my 10-year-old when he gets home form school. But he seemed concerned and asked if we should be scared. And he heard me call my mom and then the priest on the phone. He would have said something. He is very honest. He is an altar server, goes to adoration once per week, goes to weekday Mass (when he is not in school), attends adult Bible study with us, confesses 2 or more times per month, composes prayers, and wants to become a priest. I do not think that he would jest with something like this. But I will talk with him and ask him again. I also compared the oils to the ones that we have and they do not look or smell the same.

Could the font turn the water into oil by sitting there overnight? Usually, what happens is the water evaporates. But it had been full and sitting there, could it chemically change and spill over because of the metal? That does not sound probable to me.

If a house leak, the metal in the font affecting the water, a two-year-old, and a 10- year-old are not the answer. Then what? I took out some of the oil with a syringe and put it in a small bottle. Do I just thank God for this beautiful sign. Do I just keep this to myself (ourselves)? If it happens again, do I go to the priest again. My husband is just doubtful and thinks that it is possible that it might have been the children. I do not see how, but we will keep trying to figure this out.


All I can say is, miracles do happen, and this may be one.

However, miracles are usually given to teach us something.

You should try to discern the meaning behind this.

Also, while your at it, check your perfumes and colognes to make sure your little one isn’t the angel that produced the miracle. :slight_smile:



It could very well be a miracle. I’d thoroughly check for other possibilities, like you’re doing, but if a likely alternative doesn’t present itself, I’d believe it was a miracle.


He took the words right out of my head…

What I’d be doing is thanking God regardless… but it couldn’t have been cooking oil since it doesn’t smell sweet.

You never know… it may just be a miracle.


It could be a miracle but none of us here can say that. Only the Church can say if a miracle has happened and that is after intensive investigations.


Miracles happen all the time…and if a person were to wait around for their local Bishop to make a ruling well then you may be waiting a while.

Pray to the Blessed Mother
Pray to the Holy Spirit
Pray for their assistance

Continue to monitor the font…
Keep a detailed record of activity
Save some of the oil/water for analysis in the event that becomes necessary

Please keep us posted!


That’s why its only the Church that can decide. Many people jump too quickly to the conclusion that a miracle has happened!


Thistle you and I are usually on the same page but misunderstand each other.Yes only the church decides but in some cases they never make a decision because of the nature of the event.Many people receive miraculous cures at Lourdes but because of previous poor medical documentation no miracle can be determined.Also mental illness is never even allowed for consideration.Imagine a paranoid-schizophrenic being instantly cured…the family knows it must be a miracle but the Church won’t even entertain the thought as it’s (nearly)impossible to prove.

So back to the OP…the holy water font may bring forth sweet perfume and cure AIDS but until the Church says it’s a miracle from God then…well…it’s not Official.That probably wouldn’t matter much to the OP…to her,(I would think that) the fruits of this event would be sufficient for her own spirituality.


Really cool story. I hope you empty the font, save the oil, and see what happens.

I wonder what it could mean (if genuine). Oil is for annointing and healing. Maybe God has a new mission for your family.

It will be very neat to see what happens in the next few year for your family. :slight_smile:


Indeed, save and record everything :).


I’m not suggesting this is not a miracle. I’m saying people should guard against jumping to conclusions and assume a miracle has taken place because that’s what they want to believe. That a miracle must have happened should not be the starting point. The starting point should be something has happened that the OP can’t explain and then explore all natural possibilities first before moving on. Frankly, asking children if they have done something and getting a negative answer (or no answer because the kids are probably too scared to own up having heard the mother is phoning around) does not mean something supernatural has taken place.


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