Is it possible to be a Catholic and a racist?

I have never heard our Church waver in its tireless message of social justice, racial equality and religious tolerance. I was surprised, therefore, when at an interfaith discussion group a good friend from the ADL informed me that many Catholics are active in a growing movement called “white nationalism.” From the website he referred me to, it seems that these folk want the US to be 100% “Aryan,” and they favor something they cryptically call the “vertical expulsion” of all Jews. While denying the Holocaust, they hasten to add that if it did happen, the Jews deserved what they got. And from that site, it does appear that some Catholics do hold these views. They even have a special forum dedicated to “positive Christianity,” which asserts that Vatican II was a sinister Jewish plot, which they hope the next Pope will reverse, at which point the masses of Catholics will join them in establishing some sort of Fourth Reich.

Is it possible simultaneously to be a Catholic (or Christian), and a racist, anti-Semite, Holocaust denier or white separatist?



Dear Linc,

There have been many Catholics who have been racist without facing the contradiction between such a stance and their religion. But there is no way that a Catholic can knowingly reject Jews and adore one at the same time!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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