Is it possible to be a good Catholic and be pro choice?

I have been wondering this for a while. I go to church every Sunday and am active in my parish. One issue I disagree on is the abortion issue. Let me be clear. I think abortion is a terrible thing. However, I believe that it is not a good idea to outlaw abortion. If you believe that outlawing abortion would end abortion, you are delusional. Abortions would still happen. The only difference is now they would be in back alleyways. I I were in Congress, I would have voted in favor of most abortion restrictions. I am 100% against partial birth abortion, am in favor of parental notification laws, and am completely against taxpayer funding of abortions. I would say that I am pro choice during the first trimester. Can you still be a good Catholic with this point of view?

Let’s be clear: no.

Do you feel the same way about other violent acts against your fellow man? Rape? Other types of murder? Assault? Slavery?

I don’t recall anyone making such an argument? Do you?

Laws against rape don’t stop rape. Should we not have those laws?

I think you misunderstand the purpose of the law in a civil society. Think on that.

I think you should read Bernard Nathanson’s account of how they made up the “back alley abortion” numbers in their effort to legalize abortion. The facts are that most illegal abortions were performed by doctors. The same people performed abortions before and after they were legal. Deaths from abortions were then, as they are now, result of of sepsis and other infections. By the time abortion was legalized, these were almost non existent not because of the legalization of abortion but because of the advent of antibiotics. The fact that there are many deaths from legal abortions is overlooked by the mainstream media, as the Gosnell trial shows. That man killed women, and not in a back alley.

That is something, a start.

You will have to answer for your actions. We all will.

Again, a start.

So children are not children until you say they are?

It breaks my heart that you think God will look the other way as you proclaim yourself pro anything that has killing of babies as its goal.

What do you mean by “good Catholic”? I would say a Catholic who professes what you have written here is a Catholic with a seeriously malformed conscience who needs a lot of prayers one their behalf, and one who has an obligation to better form their conscience on this heinous crime against children.

A “good Catholic” is one who recognizes their sin, repents, and turns away from it. A “good Catholic” is one who assents to all Church teaching, and moreover lives a Catholic life. A good Catholic does not “believe in” abortion. A good Catholic works for the protection of all, born and unborn.

Umm… No

What you are basically saying is “why have laws when people will break the law anyway?” Think about what you are saying and apply it to other kinds of murder and violent crimes and see if it sounds reasonable. For example, why should rape be against the law when rapists will rape anyway? Doesn’t that sound like a ridiculous question? Also, those who are so-called “Pro-Choice” claim that abortion is an absolute right BUT that it should be “rare”. However, making it absolutely legal and calling it an absolute “right” did the opposite of making abortion rare. And if something is a right why should it be rare? For example, would it make sense to say that having a job is a right but that it should be rare?

  1. NO it is not possible to be Catholic and PRO CHOICE, unless you’re talking pro choice in ice cream flavors (some places only have vanilla! I’m a chocolate girl)

  2. Slavery was abolished by the 13th amendment Do we have slavery still happening today in the USA? Should we throw out laws against rape since it “Still happens”?

  3. The heart begins to beat fairly early on, IN THE 1st TRIMESTER…so those are still BABIES! They may be smaller, but “a person’s a person no matter how small”


I consider myself to be pro choice with a lower case c. I would never advocate an abortion. I just believe that in a legal sense, it is not a good idea to outlaw abortions. I believe that if abortions were outlawed, they would still happen. I believe that if we made exceptions for rape, there would be false police reports and rape accusations made. If we made exceptions for the life of the mother, we would have doctors then determining whether an abortion is legal or not. Again, if I were in Congress, I would have about an 80% pro life voting record. If it ever came up ban all abortion, I would vote no. I believe that abortion is not as black and white of an issue as both sides proclaim. I disagree with Planned Parenthood. There is no middle ground with them.

Nope. The issue is not how many abortions are performed each year, the issue is government making and enforcing law that decriminalizes the taking of human life in whatever stage of development. No one here believes that making abortion illegal would stop them from happening anyway, abortion on demand must be made illegal, because it is wrong, contrary to God’s law to love one another and murder of the least of our brothers, the unborn.

There is no middle ground with abortion. It is always sin, it is always murder.



I am with you here. However… Why are “pro-choice” legislators like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Mario Cuomo, etc. still allowed to take Communion if this is the case?


No, Abortion is murder. It’s like saying to make all murder legal so that I can kill the person who takes my parking space. Since it is illegal I might have to wait for him later and kill him in the back alley. Such an inconvenience but still the same mindset.

You CANNOT be Catholic unless you are 100% against murder. There is NO gray area unless we provide for one. So my prayers are with you and all those here who say that there are exceptions to killing babies. How sad a post and how sad the mentality that goes with your rationalization of such evil.

What you believe is heresy. Abortion is wrong in all circumstances. The punishment for heresy is automatic excommunication. You must be careful. If you didn’t know the punishment was excommunication, you are fine. But, now that you know, if you persist in your beliefs, you may possibly incur the penalty of automatic excommunication.

Just because we have laws doesn’t mean people won’t do it. But, it will prevent the crime a great deal. For example, slavery is illegal, but there are still sex slaves in the United States. Murder is illegal, yet there are people in prison for it. You see what I’m getting at?

Like I usually tell people, we shouldn’t judge someone based on it’s place of residence.

I was inclined to say, “no”.

And it raised a larger issue.

Are there ANYgood Catholics?

The Lord told us that if we have broken any commandments we have broken all of them. We have all sinned. sinned terribly. And we will sin terribly again.

But God with his boundless mercy will take anyone with a contrite heart and a humble spirit back.

So, back to the question. I don’t know.

Is being supportive of abortion disordered, immoral, and sinful? Of course!

But, let God judge, in the end, who is “good” and who is not, and in the meantime spend more time becoming ourselves, children of God who he may say, “with whom I am well pleased.”

They aren’t allowed to receive Holy Eucharist. Pelosi has been told by her bishop that she is not to present herself for communion. I don’t know whether the others have been told by their bishops specifically or not, but one cannot separate his public actions from his religious beliefs. You can’t say “I personally believe it’s wrong for me, but if you want to do it, you go ahead”. This is not a gray area where everybody just decides for themselves when it’s alright to kill a baby. It’s never alright.

If one is in doubt about what is in the womb before the 3 month of a pregnancy, and has a very strong stomach, see what happens when you type “Watch an abortion” on google. You don’t see the procedure but you do see what is clearly a baby. WARNING, I couldn’t watch beyond the first few pictures, it was so heartbreaking and sickening that I couldn’t bring myself to copy and paste the link.

You gotta be kidding me, it’s a dead baby not matter why or when its killed. I am completely baffled with opinions like yours. You like walking the fence? Foot in each camp etc. It truly don’t work that way, either you are pro -life or your not. I had a bumper sticker on my older car once that read. “Pro-choice, that’s a lie, Babies don’t choose to die!” I wish I could find one again. Abortion has always been a religious issue until they drug it ,by lying I might add, into our political legal system and now they say “Church keep your nose out of our business”. Why don’t they legalize all murders and even all thefts. There religious issues too. We could sure save money on our police force that way. You can kill my baby but by golly don’t steal my car. As for “back alley” abortions. I don’t believe they were near as dirty or deadly, at least for the mother, as the so called abortion mills out there today. If their women died, they got sent to jail. Boy not today, they get by with double murder sometimes. Don’t you ever watch the news? I would sincerely advise you to talk to a priest about this. How far do you think your opinion would go if you were standing before Our Lord? And one day, we will all have to do that. God Bless, Memaw


…“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

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