Is it possible to be cursed?

I have had some bad luck in my life. On the other hand, some times I have incredible luck. It never quite seems to be in between. I’ll spare you the details, but I can’t help but believe something bigger is at play here. Maybe I’m losing my mind.
I was born on Devil’s night - October 30th.
It seems like the number 666 follows me around where I go. My doctors office has 666 in their phone number, the randomly-assigned computer at work has an asset-tag that includes 666 in it to name a few off the top my head… I just seem to run in to the number a lot and I try to level it out as coincidence… but I can’t help, on really bad days, to think that maybe something more is at play here.
Is it possible to be cursed? Or is it possible it’s something worse?
Where can I find out more information about this type of thing?

I’d suggest you talk to a priest to determine if anything is really up.

There is no such thing as the devils night. God created the universe and everything in it. Every night and day belong to God.

Having any combination of numbers including that series means nothing. It’s just an assigned number.

Luck is really a non catholic concept. It relies on chance and fortune. Things happen. I don’t know one person who has lived a life without any bad times. We grow spiritually and emotionally through the bad times. Be thankful for them .

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It’s possible that your anxiety about it is causing you to notice it more and lend it more credence than you otherwise would. I’m a Halloween baby myself. Being born on a certain day doesn’t make you cursed.

People can claim to put a curse on someone. But if the person doesn’t believe, then that person’s words have no power over them.

The 666 things you mentioned are coincidence.

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