Is it possible to be goth and Catholic?


Hi everybody. I was just wondering, is it possible to be a goth person, and be Catholic? I mean, I don't see a problem, but since everyone else is so averted to it I was wondering if it is a sin, and if so, what sin do you commit if you are a goth?

My friend is thinking about 'becoming' one(I don't know a better way to put it, when I put it like that it sounds like a cult.), and I don't see a problem, except the way that others might treat her. She's always dressed dark, and has dyed her hair, and I don't care, I love her for it:D. She's a Catholic, and she loves JESUS with all her heart. She will never do anything bad, like 'occult' stuff, if you catch my drift. Plus, that's a myth anyway, most goth people don't worship bad stuff, and aren't satanists. I know a couple of them(not close friends, but I know them-I'm talking about goths,btw). Anywhoo, was just wondering, like, are there any books or essays or websites or columns or just something on the subject(Anything to gain further understanding)?

If she thinks that she's doing anything sinful, then she'll stop it right away.

Thanks, and may the LORD bless. <3


Of course. The Bible has even been translated into Gothic. Have fun!:)


Nothing wrong with it. Some of the smartest, most generous people I've known have been goths. She just needs to be prepared for the reactions of people who will automatically think she's into something "evil."


:) I don't see a problem with it at all!

I was very into Heavy Metal as a teenager and it never did me any harm. a lot of the goths I knew were very unassuming, quiet and caring people who just wanted to 'belong' to something - just like a lot of people attracted to Metal actually prefer their music to be about more than teenage crushes and sex;)


Can you clarify what exactly being "goth" means?
Is it just a sense of style? Dyed hair, dark clothing, etc??

There's nothing wrong with that... nothing that conflicts with being Catholic.
But again, I don't know the details of what being "goth" means... exactly...


Yes of course it is.

"goth" simply refers to a style of dress / image; if someone is "a goth" this refers to the type of dress and fashions they prefer; it does not say anything about the persons character, behaviour or beliefs.

An ex-girlfriend of mine dressed in a mildly gothic way, I think goth girls are foxy :)

So, don't sweat it.

(the only thing I would say is that some gothic attire may not be suitable to attend church in, but then that is obvious and applies to all styles anyway. Just like I would not attend mass in my work boots and safety helmet!).


There’s nothing wrong with it. I was a goth in high school because I liked the clothes and music. I had a lot of friends who were goths, and they were very nice people. Sadly some of them were into drugs, but most of them weren’t. I actually think it’s great for Catholics to be goths, because a lot of goth kids want to express themselves, and seeing a strong Catholic who shares their style can encourage them to hold true to their beliefs (or explore Catholic ones). The one downside is people’s reactions. If she has a strong sense of who she is, and is patient and polite, she will do fine. There’s this website called the Lady of the Manners, about how to be a very charming goth so people won’t think goths are evil. She’s very classy and very clever.


Possible? Yes.

That being said, dressing in dark clothing dosn't make one goth. You can do it right or wrong. There's alot of focus on the negitave.


Being a "Goth Catholic" can appeal to the Dead Theologian Society types, those who are drawn to the allleteration of the light of God contrasted by the dark of the world. Studying literature, culture and society.


Dressing in black, listening to depressing music but judging others and discussing chastistity rings.


[quote="purplesunshine, post:8, topic:249039"]


Dressing in black, listening to depressing music but judging others and discussing chastistity rings.


Of course dressing in black is a morally neutral act - it depends on what one does while dressed in black, or any color for that matter :rolleyes: Depressing music can be bad if it's all you listen to and it makes you negative, but there are some very beautiful sad songs out there. And you don't need to be a goth to like sad songs - ask the Irish.


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