Is it possible to be sad in heaven?

Hi, my question kind of has two parts, since it seems like you tend to not address the full scope of every question, and this question is really bugging me:

First, we know that God can be sad, just as we can. And we have free will, which we will retain in heaven. In heaven, aren’t we supposed to be eternally happy? What if we have regrets of not helping the world more while on earth, or are sad for another reason after all, we can choose to be sad. How then can heaven promise eternal happiness while we retain our free will?

Second, if it cannot absolutely promise eternal happiness, what are heaven’s defining characteristics? Why is being in communion with God alone so great if we are unhappy? A brief summary will help. Please do not just recommend some book.



While it is true that Jesus could suffer pain and sorrow in His human nature, but not in His divine nature. Emotions are human things. We need to try to think outside of the human box when we consider who God is. God is the one who designed us and created us out of nothing. He is the one who showed us something of His unlimited love by joining us in our human journey and suffering and dying for us. We can hardly grasp such love. To be united with Him for all eternity IS heaven. In heaven we will be able to know Him as He knows us. To know goodness at its’ source is more than we can imagine. We will be so taken by it, that nothing can possibly compete with it.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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