Is it possible to forego Communion at a nuptial Mass?


Hi. I am a Catholic and my fiance is an Angelican. We planned to get married but now it cannot go on for the reasons below.

My fiance has agreed to get married in the Catholic church without being converted. According to the Catholic priest mixed Christian marriages are allowed in the Catholic church where it will only be a service and not a full mass meaning, that holy communion will only be given to me and not to him.

This is where my problem is. His father wants him to receive holy communion as well. But this is not allowed in the Catholic church unless he converts to a Catholic. Am i right?
Is there any way of him receiving the Bread & Body of Christ without being converted?

Just to let you know he has also agreed to follow me to the Catholic church after marriage and agreed that the children will be baptised as Catholics. It is just that for now he is not ready to be a Catholic yet and said that he needs time.

His father also says that it is not nice that i receive communion and my fiance does not. So he says that there should be no holy communion for all.

Will the priest agree not to have holy communion at all during the wedding mass? Is it ok or alright not to have holy communion at all not even the congregation during a wedding mass?

I feel that my fiance and his family have compromised to actually get married in the Catholic church eventhough my fiance’s grandfather and uncle are pastors in the Angelican church. But his father is ok with my fiance getting married in the Catholic church.

My mom on the other hand is not compromising on anything. She wants everything to be in the Catholic way. What and how do you think i should compromise? or talk to her? I m really really confused and because of this issue we can’t get married now. Please help me.

Thank you very much.



Hi Christine,

Usually there is no Mass with a mixed marriage precisely because of the matter of Holy Communion. There is just the Liturgy of the Word and the vows. This is really the way to go for you. :Your marriage will be just as much of a sacrament as it would be if you had Mass. You can go to Mass earlier in the morning with your fiancé and you can receive Holy Communion then. This is what my parents did because nuptial Masses weren’t common at the time. Your mother needs to be reassured that you are not compromising your faith in doing this. I’d be happy to talk to her if this will help. (619 387 7200) You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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