Is it possible to get EWTN-TV w/o cable in outlying St. Louis?

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I live in a metro-East suburb of St. Louis Missouri, between Alton IL and Edwardsville. We recently got rid of all subscription TV services (budgetary reasons). We have a small box-type external aerial which is facing south-by-southwest (the same general direction as the City of St. Louis), about ten feet from the ground. Because we are in a major metropolitan broadcast area, we get fairly broad choices for stations–including the very-low-power Evangelical station sponsored by New Life Evangelistic Center, and the 3ABN (Adventist) broadcasts. I know that within the City of St. Louis proper, one can receive EWTN television broadcasts on Channel 62. It has never been a strong broadcast and i was never able to get it even a couple of miles outside the City limits in Maplewood.

It has occurred to me that I’d have a long-shot chance of picking up the EWTN broadcasts by putting up a rooftop aerial. Has anyone attempted this who lives in my general area and do they receive those broadcasts?

Before anyone mentions it–yes I am well aware that southern Illinois is practically blanketed with EWTN radio broadcasts. These tend to be moderate-power stations which require fairly sensitive radios to pick up the stations, but most auto radios and good-quality home tabletop radios will pick the radio stations.

It still would be nice to get EWTN via television broadcasts when possible. Anyone know if this is worth the effort to try?

We do not have cable TV either so we watch EWTN via computer. My husband installed a device that connects our computer to our television. We then go to the EWTN website to get the Live TV feed. It isn’t the same quality of picture that we would get if we had cable but it is good enough for us.
I don’t understand a lot about how satellite and cable work but I really doubt that having an antenna is going to allow you to pick up those stations.

You can also view EWTN live from the Internet, too. Go to, and expand the Television menu. You can view live feeds there.

I wouldn’t be trying to pick up satellite or cable broadcasts. I’d need one of those huge dish thngs from the 1970’s, the things that looked like they could be flying saucers. I’m picking up local broadcasts over the airwaves using a small outside aerial.

My question, since I know there is a broadcast station for EWTN in the City of St. Louis, was whether or not I could get a better aerial, raised several feet higher (onto my rooftop, to be specific) that might pick up that broadcast from St. Louis. It’s a longshot as I noted, since the St. Louis station is very low-power and doesn’t seem to reach very far outside the city limits of St. Louis.

I just was hoping someone in my immediate area has already attempted it and could indicate if the idea was rather hopeless. Or not, as the case might be.

Thanks for the suggestion about the Internet. Had already thought of that, but it has it’s own disadvantages, not the least of which is that we might at some point allow our internet subscription expire as well. Depends on how the economy and our own household finances go over the next several years.

I used to get EWTN without subscription TV in Granite City, IL. If you have a digital television, I don’t know. Our TV was an old analog.

Thanks! That is very useful information!

I am unaware of any EWTN radio affiliates outside the St. Louis area. For television, the FCC lists low-powered “KEFN-CA” channel 28 in St. Louis. Let me know if you can receive EWTN programming via this channel. Sadly, I must end with my perpetual gripe that the Mediacom office in Springfield, MO must dislike Catholics enough to be the only major cable company that refuses requests to carry EWTN on any tier anywhere in southern Illinois.

:frowning: Let me address the TV Issue first. The STL Metro area was served by KEFN-CA on Channel 28 (over the air) and Channel 25 (on Charter Communications) until March 22, 2010 when it went off the air pending the switch of the station to Digital TV via “Flash Cut” (which means they would turn off their alalog transmitter as they turned on their Digital transmitter). You can view the FCC Application history of the station at and type in KEFN-CA in the callsign box and hit the enter key on your keyboard. The station returned to the air from their transmitter near Arnold, MO with an ERP of 0.075 kW on March 15, 2011 with the signel going only a few miles from the Transmitter. KEFN probably won’t return to full power until it converts to DTV Operation . . . whenever that is.

:yup: As far as Radio for the Alton & Edwardsville areas, the areas are served by two stations owned by Covenant Network of St. Louis. Those stations are AM 1080 WRYT licensed to Edwardsville, IL and 95.9 WOLG-FM licensed to Carlinville, IL (Click here for Coverage Map).

My brother lives in the South, and he’s able to get ETWN and several other faith-based channels from his antenna. (He doesn’t have cable)

To the OP, if you have in-home WiFi, EWTN is on Roku.

This is how I get it. :thumbsup:

Yes, it’s a free channel on the Roku box, which picks it up from the internet through your wifi.

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