Is it possible to love your spouse as much as God?


I have a quick question. Is it a sin to love your married spouse as much as God? Not more than, but as much as.


Speaking theologically, we cannot love another creature in the same manner we love God. It’s not a matter of degree but a matter of type. The type of love we have for God is entirely different from the type of love we have for fellow creatures and it would indeed be objectively grave matter to give that type of love to anyone but God. Basically, this type of love is based on acknowledging God to be God and worshipping him as God. We do not give that same acknowledegment and worship to any creature because that objectively would be idolatry.

It is important to draw a distinction between our knowledge and will on the one hand, and our emotional attachment and affection on the other. If we know that God is God and will to worship and adore him as the one true God, we are giving him the love that we owe him as his creature even if the emotional feeling seems to be lacking. In like manner, even if we have a high degree of loving feelings for a fellow human being, so long as we know that that human being is a creature and will to honor him as the human person we know him to be, we are not committing idolatry.

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